Governance & Administration


Board of Governors

The Board of Governors acts on behalf of the public. As representatives from both the College and community, their role is to set and govern the College’s mission and strategic plan.

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President’s Strategy Council

The President’s Strategy Council is a group of senior management personnel who act as the President's consultative and planning team, providing diverse views and thinking representative of the various internal and external stakeholder groups served by the College.

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Academic Council

The Academic Council deals with academic matters, as laid out in the College Act and keeps the content of programs in the realm of the content experts - faculty, administrative and support staff.

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Senior Executive Committee

The Senior Executive Committee is comprised of Directors, Deans, the Registrar, the Vice Presidents and the President to discuss planning, operations and policy.

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First Nation Initiatives

As an arm of the President’s Office within Yukon College, The First Nation Initiatives department is a voice within Yukon College that is dedicated to integrating an understanding and awareness of the culture, traditions, and history of Yukon First Nations.

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President & Vice Chancellor

Yukon College is forging a new future, for the North, for Yukon, and for the institution. 

President’s Message


The Chancellor is appointed by the Board of Governors and acts as a bridge between the institution, the students, and the broader community.

Chancellor’s Message

Institutional Research & Planning

The Institutional Research and Planning Department assists in producing a variety of planning documents, including strategic plans and education/academic plans.

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