Board of Governors

The Board of Governors acts on behalf of the public. As representatives from both the College and community, their role is to set and govern the College’s mission and strategic plan. The Board is empowered by the Yukon College Act.

Board Members

Jocelyn Curteanu

Jocelyn Curteanu
Member at Large
Term Ends: June 11, 2021

Carol Geddes

Carol Geddes
First Nations Rep
Term Ends: December 01, 2021

Chris Milner

Chris Milner
Member at Large
Term Ends: June 22, 2020

Judy Gingell

Judy Gingell
First Nations Rep
Term Ends: May 24, 2020

Julia Salo

Julia Salo
Community Campus Committee Rep
Term Ends: June 30, 2020

Karen Barnes

Karen Barnes
President (non voting member)

Ernie Prokopchuk

Ernest Prokopchuk
Staff Rep
Term Ends: July 5, 2021

Vera Holmes

Vera Holmes
Vice Chair
Community Campus Committee Rep
Term Ends: May 05, 2021

Eric Kim

Eric Jun Hyeok Kim
Student Rep
Term Ends: January 17, 2021

Shawn Allen

Shawn Allen
Haines Junction
Community Campus Committee Rep
Term Ends: June 30, 2020

Tom Ullyett

Tom Ullyett
Board chair
Member at Large
Term Ends: December 31st, 2021


Kathleen Van Bibber
First Nations Rep
Term Ends: May 1, 2021

How to become a board member
College Act

Nomination to Yukon College Board of Governors: The provisions in the College Act provide for:

  • The Board of Governors consisting of 12 members, with the following representation:
    • First Nations - 3;
    • Community Campus Committees - 3;
    • Members-at-large - 3;
    • Staff -1;
    • Student -1;
    • President (non-voting member).
  • The Commissioner in Executive Council appointing Board members for terms not exceeding 3 years, although appointments may be renewed.
  • Board members being resident within the Yukon Territory for at least one year immediately prior to their appointment.
Time commitment
  • The Board normally meets in Whitehorse once each month, excluding January, July and August
  • Two or three hours are normally needed to prepare for each Board meeting
  • Additional time may be required to attend College functions and participate in sub-committees
Board composition, personal attributes and competencies

    The individuals who make up the Board of Governors should collectively have the necessary personal attributes and competencies required to:

    • Add value and provide support to management in establishing strategy and reviewing risks and opportunities
    • Effectively monitor the performance of management
    • Account for the performance of Yukon College
    • Bring to the deliberations the wide diversity of Yukon cultural, economic and social perspective
    • Contribute to the overall image of Yukon College

    Personal Attributes

    All members of the Board of Governors should possess the following personal attributes:

    • High ethical standards and integrity in professional and personal dealings
    • Good business judgment
    • Appreciation of the responsibilities to the public
    • Able and willing to raise potentially controversial issues in a manner that encourages dialogue
    • Flexible, responsive and willing to consider others opinions
    • Capable of a wide perspective on issues
    • Ability to listen and work as a team member
    • No direct or indirect conflict of interest
    • Strong reasoning and advocacy skills
    • Able and willing to fulfill time commitments required to carry out responsibilities

    Competencies Collectively, the Board should comprise the following core competencies:

    • Strategic management and organizational change
    • Internal control and accounting
    • Labour relations
    • Risk management
    • Financial expertise
    • Legal expertise
    • Experience/knowledge/expertise in post-secondary education
    • Knowledge of government and public sector environments
    • Knowledge of current and emerging issues affecting Yukon College
    • Knowledge of the extensive geography of Yukon
    • Credibility with the wide diversity of interests from within Yukon
    • Previous Board experience
    • Knowledge, experience and familiarity with Yukon First Nations' issues, culture, traditions and land claims and self government agreements

    Within the context of the Board Composition, Personal Attributes and Competencies, consideration must be given to the diversity of gender, cultural heritage and knowledge of the communities served by Yukon College

    Benefits of board membership
    • Opportunities to develop skills through Board training sessions and attendance at workshops and conferences
    • One tuition-free College course per year
    • A daily honorarium and travel expenses for attending Board meetings
    • Complimentary library card
    Appointment process

    The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints Board members for terms not exceeding 3 years, although appointments may be renewed.

    For more information about the appointment process,  check out

    Board Policies

    BOG 20.0

    Presidents Emeriti

    Yukon College seeks to foster an active and ongoing relationship with former College presidents who have retired in good standing. Maintaining such relationships allows the College to benefit from the ongoing contributions of a former president and allows the former president to use the institution’s name in connection with ongoing community and academic endeavors.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG 20.0 - Presidents Emeriti Policy
    BOG 20.1 - Presidents Emeriti Procedures

    Board of Governors Bylaws

    Bylaws for the Yukon College Board of Governors.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-00 - Board of Governors Bylaws

    Yukon College Board Responsibilities

    The Board will focus on overall direction, policy and performance of the College, and delegate to the President the responsibility for management.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-01 - Yukon College Board Responsibilities Policy

    Board Member Responsibilities

    An effective Board of Governors is composed of dedicated, knowledgeable Board members. This policy outlines member responsibilities.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-02 - Board Member Responsibilities Policy

    Yukon College President Responsibilities

    The President is accountable to the Board. The Board instructs through written policies and delegates implementation to the President. The responsibilities of the President are to be consistent with the legislation, job description, and as outlined in Board Policy.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-03 - Yukon College President Responsibilities Policy

    Board/Board Member Protocol

    College Board members are expected to be representatives of the College and responsive to the needs of Yukoners.
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    BOG-04 - Board/Board Member Protocol Policy

    Code of Conduct

    The Board of Governors commits itself and its members to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, in which their actions and behaviors uphold the principles of integrity, respect, and accountability.
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    BOG-05 - Code of Conduct Policy

    Board Governance

    The Board’s Governance Committee is established with the purpose of carrying out regular reviews of Board policies.
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    BOG-06 - Board Governance Policy

    Monitoring President's Performance

    The primary purpose of performance evaluation is to improve employee competence and effectiveness.
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    BOG-07 - Monitoring President's Performance Policy

    Monitoring Board Performance

    The Board has a responsibility to hold itself accountable for the overall performance of its responsibilities and to evaluate its effectiveness.
    In a positive, constructive environment Board members will provide information to the Board Chair for the purpose of identifying actions to improve individual Board member performance and to improve the performance of the Board.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-08 - Monitoring Board Performance

    Financial Accountability and Risk Management

    The Yukon College Board Responsibilities policy states that the Board will focus on overall direction, policy and performance of the College. The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee assists the Board with these responsibilities as required. Permalink

    Community Campus Committee Relationship

    The board recognizes and respects the importance of the Community Campus Committees in assisting the board with community linkage.
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    BOG-10 - Community Campus Committee Relationship Policy

    Investment in Governance

    The Board will invest in its governance capacity. The Yukon College Board of Governors budget and spending will be based on demonstrated trusteeship needs and the outcomes evaluated.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-11 - Investment in Governance Policy

    Honorary Degree or Diploma

    The Board of Governors acknowledges and celebrates excellence in community citizenship through the conferring of a Yukon College honorary degree or diploma. Recognition of distinguished recipients with an honorary credential is a major public relations action by the College. An honorary degree or diploma is a highly visible statement to all our communities as it recognizes excellence, leadership, innovation, respect for culture and partnership as reflected in Yukon College Strategic Plan. The honorary credential will correlate the individual’s academic and/or experiential background to the field of study represented by the credential.
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    BOG-12 - Honorary Degree or Diploma Policy

    External Relations

    The External Relations Committee is a Standing Committee of the Yukon College Board of Governors, providing input and creating plans that support and enhance the university’s brand, reputation and relationships with external constituencies.
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    BOG-13 - External Relations Policy

    Annual Planning Cycle

    Outlines the procedures for the Board of Governors' annual planning.
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    BOG-14 - Annual Planning Cycle Policy

    Credit Program Tuition Fee Adjustment

    The Board will establish, authorize, communicate and review tuition fees for credit programs in a consistent, transparent and accountable manner.
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    BOG-15 - Credit Program Tuition Fee Adjustment Policy

    Board Relationship with Governing Councils

    Yukon College is committed to the inclusion of community members and stakeholders in decisions relating to programming and research services. Permalink

    Board Member Selection Process

    The Board of Governors utilizes a strategic process for recommending candidates to the Minister of Education for appointment to the Yukon College Board.
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    BOG-17 - Board Member Selection Process Policy

    Service Recognition

    Board Members who have resigned or whose terms of service have expired resulting in retirement shall be formally acknowledged for their service to the Board of Governors.
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    BOG-18 - Service Recognition Policy


    Yukon College may name facilities and academic entities to recognize support that it has accepted from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations, (“philanthropic naming” and “sponsorship naming”) and honour legacy contributions from individuals who have had a pivotal impact on the history and evolution of the institution (“honorific naming”).
    The naming opportunity will coincide with a new or renovated facility, when possible.
    Downloads Revised
    BOG-19 - Naming Policy