President’s Message

Karen BarnesEducation that is Northern in Focus but National in Reach

Yukon College is forging a new future, for the North, for Yukon, and for the institution.  Our staff and faculty, as well as every student, complete a Yukon First Nation core competency requirement.  In 2015 we won the Colleges and Institutes Canada Gold Award for Indigenous Education Excellence. We’re partnering with Yukon First Nations in working to develop a vision and reality that will inspire us all.

Not only are we leading the country in Indigenous Self-Determination studies, developed and led by Yukon First Nations, but we’re looking at food and energy security, as well as supporting First Nations’ business development. Recently we partnered with the Mastercard Foundation and Rideau Hall Foundation on a five year project, working with Yukon First Nations to increase access to and remove barriers from, post secondary education.

Here in the North, the impacts of climate change are something we face on a daily basis – both economic and social. Our post-graduate certificate in Climate Change and Public Policy reflects the extensive research and traditional knowledge developed by Yukon over decades, and bridges the gap between climate change science and policy. I encourage you to check it out

Our third pillar of excellence is resource development. Working with minerals, plants, wind, and water, Yukon College excels in mine reclamation and bioremediation, alternative energy, cold climate and technology innovation, and the social science of resource development in the Arctic. As well, we’re preparing Yukoners to work in mining and other related resource development fields.
In this rapidly changing world, Yukon College is equipping students for the future. Partering with First Nations, addressing climate change, and viewing resource development through a contemporary lens are all critical skills and knowledge for the future of Canada, and in particular, the North.

In the near future, Yukon College will transition into a university.  With 13 campuses throughout the beautiful and historic territory that is Yukon, we work to deliver a broad range of education and training, serving the needs of communities, governments, First Nations, business and industry.

Come and check out what Yukon College has to offer you!

Dr. Karen Barnes
President & Vice Chancellor
Yukon College