Teslin community feast kicks off College engagement meetings

A Northern university

TESLIN—Yukon College launches a series of community meetings about the transition to Yukon University this week with a feast and discussion in Teslin.

College President Dr. Karen Barnes and members of the College senior executive committee will be on hand to update the community on progress with the transition, answer questions and engage in dialogue about local priorities.

“These events build upon the ongoing engagement we have had the past five years with First Nations, municipalities and campus committees,” said Barnes. “It’s a way to ensure the broader community is involved in dialogue about local needs and the transition to YukonU.”

At the event this week, Barnes expects there will be discussion about the recently announced Learning Partnership supports for rural students, trades training and the shared vision Yukoners have for Yukon University.

Yukon College in Teslin recently renovated their space within the building shared with the Teslin Tlingit Council, adding 240 feet to create a larger classroom. Yukon College’s Cold Climate Innovation has supported TTC’s investment in biomass heating through connecting them with Finnish experts and training.

Further community feasts will be announced as they are organized over the next eighteen months.

The launch of the community tour is supported by a College information campaign “Not any university” which sets out the vision for YukonU as a niche, northern, hybrid, leading and local university.

“We know how vital our partnership is to addressing local needs, building capacity, encouraging innovation and developing Northern solutions to Northern problems. Through research or education Yukon College is present in every community across the territory. This will not change as we evolve into Yukon University, it will only be enhanced. The vision for YukonU is grounded in the vision Yukoners have shared with us,” said Barnes.

The Teslin community feast takes place at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday November 29th at the Village of Teslin RecPlex. It will be catered by College Culinary Arts program students and features a Husqvarna chainsaw as a door prize.

To follow the transition to YukonU please visit yukonuniversity.ca/.