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Yukon College Library provides access to over 4,500 e-books, available from our databases Ebsco Ebook Collection and Gale Virtual Reference Library. Topics include Environmental Sciences, College & Career Success, Business, Education, Indigenous Governance, and Literature.

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How to Obtain a Library Account

By using the library account to borrow items from the library, borrowers agree to be responsible for those items, including replacement charges for lost or damaged items and overdue fines that may arise from returning or renewing the items after the due date.

Part- and Full-time Students from YC (Ayamdigut Campus)

Students must bring a picture ID to the library (Yukon College student ID card, driver's license, passport, etc.) and proof of registration (Authorization to Register form, Moodle printout, or Yukon College ID) in order to register for a library account.

If a student does not have their new college email address, they are encouraged to enter this contact information in their library account through the “Renew Books” login.

Things to know about your library acount:

  • Yukon college  students can enjoy the privilege of a library account during their time currently enrolled at Yukon College.
  • For students enrolled in full-term programs, the start dates applied to library accounts are September 1, January 1, May 1 and July 1.
  • For students enrolled in full-term programs, the expiry dates applied to library accounts are December 24, April 30, June 30 and August 31.
  • For students enrolled in short-term programs or courses (e.g. trades, Continuing Education, etc.), the start and end dates applied to library accounts are determined by the dates indicated in the students’ Banner accounts.
  • During the summer months (June-August) students with a current student ID proving that they are registered to start classes in the Fall term may purchase a partial Public Patron card for $25.  Other policies related to Public Patrons (see below) apply during this time.

Students in Community Campuses/Distance Students

Complete the Distance Patron Library Account Request
Important: this form can only be used by non-Whitehorse residents. If you live in Whitehorse, follow the instructions for full-time/part-time students described in the section above.

The Library will send an email confirming the account creation.

Things to know about your library acount:

  • Library accounts will be valid until the end of the student's term. If you start a new term, you must renew your library account by filling another form.
  • Students in the communities can use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request service to obtain materials from the College Library.
  • Items will be sent to the community campus indicated in the ILL request form and can be returned to the Whitehorse Ayamdigut Campus by College mail system or personally.

Students who are registered for online courses only cannot borrow books from the Yukon College Library collection.

Public Patrons

Members of the public who are permanent residents of the Yukon, and not employees of the College, can purchase a library card, valid for one year, for a fee of $50. Current Yukon government ID, such as driver’s license, health care card, etc. must be shown to prove your identity as a resident of Yukon.

Things to know about your library account:

  • Public Patrons cannot place hold requests.
  • Public Patrons cannot borrow AV equipment.
  • Purchasing a Public Patron card does not include the privilege of off-campus access to the databases.  
  • Yukon residents can request interlibrary loans from the Yukon College Library through their local branch of the Yukon Public Libraries system at no charge. There is a charge for all other interlibrary loans. See the Fees section for more information.

YC Permanent/Term Employees

Bring your picture ID (Yukon College ID card, driver's license, passport, etc.) to the Library. If bringing an ID other than Yukon College ID card, employee's will also need to provide an employee number.

Please note: Yukon College is not a branch of the Yukon government so “employee” does not refer to Yukon Government employees unless they are also directly employed by Yukon College and possess a Yukon College Employee ID.

Things to know about your library account:

    • Yukon College IDs are usually issued by the College staff facilitating the hiring of the employee.
    • Library accounts for College employees will be valid until the termination date of the employee's contract with the College.

    YC Faculty/Staff in Community Campuses

    Complete the Distance Patron Library Account Request form to request a library account. 

    The Library will send an email confirming the account creation.

    Things to know about your library account:

    • Library accounts will be valid until the termination date of the employee's contract with the College.
    • Faculty/Staff members working from the communities can use the Interlibrary Loan Request form to obtain materials from the College Library.
    • Items will be sent to the community campus indicated in the ILL request form and can be returned to the Whitehorse Ayamdigut Campus by College mail system or personally.

    YC Sessional Instructors

    The Library requires the following information to set up accounts for sessional instructors:

    • employee ID number 0000…..
    • contract start and end dates
    • personal mailing address
    • phone number
    • email address
    • department division and course title/number

    Contact the Library or your department if unsure about how to provide this information.

    Things to know about your library account:

      • Library accounts for sessional instructors will be valid until the termination date of the employee's contract with the College.
      • Sessional Instructors and Adjunct Faculty have essentially the same library privileges of Perm/Term employees.

      Visiting Researchers & Students from other Institutions

      Loan periods & renewals

      Main Collection

      • All Patrons: the loan period for circulating items from the main collection is three weeks for Ayamdigut Campus patrons and four weeks for Community Campus patrons.
      • Faculty can request a longer borrowing period of three months to meet their unique work needs (preparing a course, conducting research, etc.). Requests may be denied if Library Staff believe that having an item unavailable for borrowing for so long would hinder students’ ability to complete assignments.
      • Students with a current library account can borrow up to 20 items at a time.
      • Public patrons can borrow up to five items at a time.
      • Faculty and staff can borrow up to 24 items at a time.

      Periodicals and Reference Collection

      • Non-circulating for most patrons.
      • Reference items may be signed out by Faculty for the length of a class when such items are required for classroom instruction
      • Faculty and Staff may borrow periodicals for one week.

      Reserve Collection

      • Individual loan periods are dependent upon the conditions assigned to items by individual course Instructors.
      • Most Reserve items are for in-library use only (i.e. patrons cannot leave the library with the item).
      • For more information, see Information on Reserves.
      • Use the online form to put items on Reserve (for Faculty only).


      • Renewals are recommend for all patrons to avoid overdue fines (see Fees section).
      • If there is a hold request on an item, patrons will be unable to renew the item and must return it as soon as possible.
      • All patrons can renew items up to two times, each for three weeks.
      • However, no patron may renew items passed the expiry date of their library account.

      Renewals may be requested several ways:

      Interlibrary loans

      Can’t find what you need at Yukon College Library? Request it here and we’ll bring it in from another Yukon College library.


      Requesting YC books from the communities


      Before requesting, check the Publication Finder to see if the item you are looking for
      is on the shelf or in a different database that we subscribe to.

      Requesting from the databases

      • Click on the “Full Text Finder” link and then click on "Submit an ILL request for this item" to fill out the form.
      • You can also click on "Search BC Libraries for this Journal" link to fill in the request through Outlook Online.
      • For help on how to use the ILL form from the databases, check this guide.

      If article is not indexed on the databases

      Videos or DVDs (instructors only)

      About the Interlibrary Loan Service

      Check our guidelines before requesting ILLs.

      ILL Information for Other Libraries

      This information is intended for external libraries (non-YC) . 


      We lend most circulating items from our collection and our licensing for e-journals also allows for interlibrary loaning of articles.  Returnable loans (books, videos, etc.) are for four weeks from the date shipped and we will happily renew for two more times unless a hold has been placed on the item.  You are encouraged to verify the availability of items in the YC Library Catalogue and Library Journals List (LjL).

      Items NOT available for interlibrary loan:

      •  Items from the "new" collection, usually published within the year
      • Textbooks
      • Items from the reserve collection
      • Reference books
      • Items from the "archival" collection
      • Periodicals


      While we do not lend periodicals, we will provide digital versions of articles.  Copies can be sent by by email or shared via Office 365.  At our discretion, fax delivery may be available, but this is not recommended due to poor image quality.

      Courier delivery

      We ship by courier with fellow members of the BC ELN Media.


      We do not charge libraries for interlibrary loans.

      For BC libraries, note that an alternative arrangement is in place through our status as a member of the BC Electronic Library Network.

      Placing Requests

      • Our preference is for requests to come through OutLook Online, GODOT, or AMICUS, but we will also accept requests by email.  We do not accept requests by telephone.
      • If you are requesting interlibrary loans using email, please include as much information as possible to ensure the speedy delivery of items.
      • Due to the small number of our library staff, we cannot provide rush service.

        Fines and replacement costs

        • The Library account holder is responsible for the items checked out on his/her account.
        • Any fines generated are also the responsibility of the card-holder.
        • Items that are renewed or returned after the due date will be charged a fine of $1 per day per item. This policy applies to all library patrons.
        • A fine balance of more than $10 will prohibit an card-holder from borrowing materials until the fine is paid down. 
        • Yukon College students who have an outstanding fine balance will not be able to graduate, receive transcripts, register for courses, etc.
        • Items overdue for more than two months will be billed at replacement cost plus $10 processing fee per item.
        • Check-out privileges will be suspended until the item(s) has(ve) been returned and the processing fee paid or the replacement fee(s) and processing fee(s) have been paid.
        • Replacement charges must be paid for items that are lost or damaged. The charge will reflect the actual replacement cost plus a $10 administration fee.

        Note to Yukon College Employees (Permanent/Term)

        • An outstanding fine balance greater than $50 for a College employee will result in the withholding of check-out privileges until the balance has been reduced to less than $25.
        • College employees have a grace period of 21 days before fines start accruing.  This grace period does not apply to inter-library loaned items.
        • An employee can pay the fine out of his/her own pocket, or, if their Dean/Director approves, by way of an Internal Requisition transferring the money to the library’s budget.

        Please note: Yukon College is not a branch of the Yukon government so “employee” does not refer to Yukon Government employees unless they are also directly employed by Yukon College and possess a Yukon College Employee ID.

        Interlibrary Loan Fees

        • Students, staff and faculty may order the first five interlibrary loans free of charge. The charge beyond that is $3 per loan.
        • Public patrons pay $10 per item requested through the interlibrary service. For more information, see our Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.

        Available to Yukon College Students

        • Headsets and some audiovisual equipment are available for in-library use at the Innovation Commons front desk.

        • Current Yukon College students can borrow a laptop for a 24-hour period, with a maximum of two renewals. Complete details on laptop use can be found here.

        • Other types of AV equipment may be borrowed on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability and upon instructor's approval. Contact the Library staff for more information.

        Available to Yukon College Employees

        • Yukon College Library provides a range of audiovisual equipment and adapters for instructors and staff of Yukon College. To know more about the AV Services, check our AV Services page.



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        Open Educational Resources, or OERs, are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.

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        What are Open Access Journals?

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