Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning Services

The Teaching and Learning team offers a range of supports for Yukon College instructors, including workshops and informal one-on-one support with  

  • developing and redesigning courses, 
  • building instructional skills for face-to-face and distance delivery classes, 
  • and selecting and adopting useful educational technologies. 

A calendar with all of our in-house sessions is available on the ITLC MyYC page
If you have questions about which session is best suited to your needs, if you’d like one-on-one support, or if you have a group of instructors who would like us to offer a specific session, please connect with us at: teachlearn@yukoncollege.yk.ca. Below are descriptions of our offerings. 

Drop In Ed Tech Help

You  are invited to join members of the Teaching and Learning Team for drop-in help.  

These sessions are an opportunity to bring specific questions to the Teaching and Learning team, or simply work alongside us.   Click here for a list of areas we can help.

Teaching and Learning Workshops and Scheduled Offerings

Check our calendar for upcoming sessions or connect with us to schedule a workshop for your group. 

New Instructor Teaching Orientation  

This one-day course is designed support new instructors and, as a group, share some ideas that can help improve teaching success in the context of Yukon College learning environments.   

Specifically, it addresses the following questions:   

  • Who are you, and how does this impact your teaching?  
  • Who are your students and what will engage them?  
  • What does effective teaching and learning at Yukon College look like?  
  • What supports, strategies and tools are available to you? 

Typically, this session is offered early in the semester.

Course Design Intensive

If you're planning to develop or to make significant changes to a specific course, including major changes in the overall approach, the learning outcomes, and/or the assessment strategy, we encourage you to attend the four-day Course Design Intensive. In this collaborative, four-day session you will:  

  • Develop or revise your learning outcomes, engage in content mapping, and align learning activities and assessments   
  • Consult with representatives from FNI and the LAC to discuss indigenization and accessibility   
  • Explore delivery modes and teaching strategies 

Check our calendar for offerings.


Spend a day with your teaching colleagues reflecting, discussing, and rethinking your teaching practices. The Tune-Up is an opportunity to explore the following questions:   

  • What will engage your students?   
  • How do you pursue/maintain wellness while balancing the demands of teaching?  
  • How do you know if your teaching is working? 

Check our calendar for offerings.

Teaching & Learning Chats

The Teaching & Learning team will host a conversational space on various teaching and learning topics. Conversation topics will be shaped by interests of participants.  Drop by and see us or visit our topics form to suggest a topic that is of interest to you! 

If you are searching for further teaching and learning professional development opportunities, please visit this list of upcoming conferences.

In addition to these in-house offerings, we recommend distance learning opportunities offered through BCcampus.  For more information and to register for BCcampus courses, please visit the BCcampus calendar of upcoming events.