Teaching & learning support

Teaching and Learning Services

Course development cohort

The Course Development Community of Practice is an opportunity for instructors to join a group of peers to work together through the course development process with the support of the Teaching and Learning Team. The cohort will work together in a series of workshops to construct a course over one one academic term.

Enrolment in the Course Development Community of Practice can be achieved by filling out the details in the expression of interest form.

Teaching & learning coaching

Outside the formal process of course development, the teaching and learning team provides coaching and support to instructors in topics for teaching and learning. Coaching session may be scheduled by contacting any of our team. We are happy to discuss any topic in the sphere of teaching and learning including topics in course design, education technology and learning facilitation.

Targeted training & workshops

The Learning Commons will be developing their catalogue of training and workshop resources over the next two years. If there is a subject that you would like to explore more deeply through a formal training session or workshop please contact our team with your request.