$43,000 of $70,000 goal

Access to education shouldn’t be dependent upon your finances. Living expenses and education costs continue to rise. Students have dreams for a better future – a life that allows them to contribute to society and feel successful. The Yukon of this century will be built upon an educated workforce.

Help us increase student awards, giving students the opportunity to focus on their studies. We’re working to increase award dollars available to students through donations by people like you! We’re more than ½ way to our goal of $70,000 by June 2017!

What is the value of a student award?

On the most recent Yukon College student survey, finances were identified as the biggest barrier to post-secondary studies.


“Two thirds of students who decide against enrolling in university say that the prospect of taking on significant student debt affected their decision.” (Canadian Federation of Students)


44% of Yukon College students pay for their studies through employment, 25% through personal savings.


$22,000 is the average debt for a Yukon College student in a two year program.

Hear from our students!

Hear from award recipients

Kenji Tatsumi

Kenji Tatsumi

“Without the support of these awards I would not be able to continue with the Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences program. I was previously working in Information Technology and decided to make a change into Environmental Sciences. My initial plan was to finish the Renewable Resource Management diploma and try to find related work. These awards have opened the door to further my studies and graduate with a BSc degree.

…I feel very blessed. Receiving these awards recognizes my own hard work, but also reflects the amazing support from my wife and kids in order to pursue my education goals.”

Janelle Hager

Janelle Hager

“Nursing is something I knew I always wanted to do. I enjoy taking care of others. My grandmother was also a nurse so it’s nice to be following in her footsteps.

It feels amazing to receive an award. It’s an accomplishment, a recognition of the work I am doing to earn a better life. This award means a lot to me because I know Kathleen Thorpe. She is a respected elder in the Selkirk First Nation community who always asks how I am doing and talks to me about my children.

…I plan to continue into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. My goal is to help other new mothers by focusing on maternity or pediatric nursing here in Yukon.”

Alex Therriault

Alex Therriault

“The scholarship and bursary together covered my first year of tuition and purchase of books I needed. This was a huge help as it enabled me to direct my personal funds towards living expenses. Receiving this help means a lot to me as it really helped me stay focused and achieve my education goals.

My goal is to become a Conservation Officer here in Yukon. My grandfather was, and my Dad currently is a CO. I feel very strongly about poaching. There is a lot of stress on animal populations, and poaching activity can unbalance populations and have a major impact on our environment.

I pretty much grew up in the bush. I’ve lived outdoors all my life, and it’s where I want to stay.”

Jutta Hopkins-Lecheminant

Jutta Hopkins-Lecheminant

“Industry has supported this new program in a lot of ways for which I am very grateful, however, when you’re buying books and equipment cash awards go a long way.  Both awards came at a critical time when I was very low on funds and had to make tough decisions about which books and field equipment I should buy to best support my studies. Later, having some good basic field gear enabled me to take advantage of two summer opportunities – working at the Polar Continental Shelf Research facility in Nunavut in 2013 and on the Juneau Ice-field Research Project in 2015.

My goal is to complete a Bachelor of Science in Geology. By following my heart and switching careers, I have shown my kids that when you feel passionate about something it is worth pursuing, because with hard work and perseverance you can succeed.”