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Yukon College Home Programs First Nations Leadership Training

First Nations Leadership Training

  • One-week face-to-face course
  • Open-enrollment workshop delivered in Whitehorse to current and future First Nation leaders
  • Contract training available in Yukon communities to Chief & Council groups; tailored and customized to the needs of the government

This course is ideal for newly-elected and appointed officials as well as established officials who are considering taking on new leadership roles within their governments. It is designed to provide you, as a community leader, with a basic grounding in governance and public administration, as well as the tools to apply leadership skills in your work.

The First Nations Leadership Training (FNLT) program delivers five integrated courses over one week, covering the following thematic areas: Fundamentals of Governance and Public Administration, Roles and Responsibilities of Elected and Appointed Officials, Leadership Essentials, Strategic Planning and Policy-Making, and Personal Challenges of Leadership.