YC Kid's Programs

Registration for Spring Break Opens February 1st!

Funding from Actua and Cancode has allowed Spring break programming to be available will be free of charge. Please ensure your child can attend the entire week of camp before registering them for camp. 

YC Kid's Programs - Spring Break Camps 2019



Week 1:  March 11 - March 15

Discover STEAM (5-6 year olds): This camp prepares today’s kids for tomorrow’s world. Campers will question, explore, plan, discover, and understand the world through the lenses of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

Junior Designer (7-9 year olds):  Designing a bridge? Inventing a new chair? There is math and design in everything around us. This camp introduces industrial and fashion design, to architecture and graphic design, and so much more. (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

Code it! (10-13 year olds): Your kids are already engaged with smartphones, tablets and computers.  Isn't it time to open up the mystery and let them understand how their apps, websites and games work? Campers will transition from being consumers of technology to the producers of technology! (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

 Village of Carmacks Technology Camp:  Campers will dive into technology; learning to code, use single board computers like Raspberry Pis and transfer these skills to learn more about the world!  Campers will be able to bring objects to life with their knowledge and creativity. 


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Week 2: March 18 - March 22

Makerkids (5-6 year olds): This camp is designed for creative makers who love creating, crafting, tinkering, & learning! Campers will bring technology into their designs and projects. (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

Techy-Kids (7-9 year olds): Campers will learn the fundamentals of coding through engaging and interactive tools!  This camp will equip students for the challenges of tomorrow. (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

Directors Cut (10-13 year olds): Lights! Camera! Action! This camp will stir the creativity and imagination of your camper. Using new technology, campers will learn the basics of video editing, special effects, claymation, stop motion and so much more! So hold onto your popcorn, this camp will bring the biggest block busters of all time! (Yukon College Ayamdigut Campus) 

Village of Mayo Technology Camp (Grade 2-5): In this camp campers will learn the basics of coding, design, how technology works and what it does in your everyday lives! Campers will apply coding knowledge to different interactive programs and educational toys such as Spheros, Microbits, Ozobots, and more!


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