Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining

Innovative. Flexible.

Founded in close co-operation with the territory’s government and business leaders, Yukon College’s Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining has developed innovative and flexible employment and career training to best suit Yukon labour needs.

Contract Training

The training offered by CNIM allows Yukon residents, and those wanting to live and work in Yukon, access to a variety of learning opportunities that are nationally recognized and uniquely customized for the North.

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Working with the Yukon Research Centre allows CNIM to create a direct link between researchers and industry, facilitating projects and development related to mining. This coordinated, holistic approach addresses specific northern challenges and opportunities in the mining industry, making it more sustainable, more environmentally aware, as well as fostering innovation.

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Programs & Courses

CNIM can provide services to industry and training for students that are unique in the country, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities, mobile classrooms and high-tech simulators. Our close access to working mine sites, reclamation and mineral exploration areas give students real-world experience.

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Yukon College prides itself for producing graduates who are trained and drilled in proper, nationally-recognized safety procedures appropriate to their field of study.  All students must show knowledge of, and proficiency in, Yukon Occupational Health and Safety Standards, as part of their required mine-related programming.