October 2018

Chindadn points

WHITEHORSE—Yukon College archaeology and anthropology instructor Norm Easton will present the first talk in the 2018-19 Long Ago Yukon Speaker Series this Saturday to celebrate International Archaeology Day.

faculty receiving TAC certificate
College faculty receive the official TAC certificate today from TAC executive director Richard Stamper. (L-R) GeoTech instructor/coordinator Dr. Joel Cubley, dean, Applied Science and Management Margaret Dumkee, instructor Mary Samolczyk, executive director, Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining and Communities, Innovation & Development Shelagh Rowles, Richard Stamper, Yukon College president and vice chancellor Dr.

WHITEHORSE--Climate change affects the North more than any other part of Canada and threatens the efficiency, safety and reliability of northern transportation. Making our northern transportation system more resilient to the effects of climate is important given the key role transportation plays in the region’s social and economic development.

That is why the Government of Canada and the Government of Yukon are investing in two important climate change adaptation research projects under the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative.

Earth sunrise outer space

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon CubeSat project at Yukon College wants to hear

Tosh Southwick
(Photo: Alistair Maitland)

WHITEHORSE—Yukon College has promoted Tosh Southwick from executive director of First Nations Initiatives and Community, Innovation and Development to the newly-