Power Outage

Power outages are very common throughout Yukon and often last for less than two hours. Here are some steps to follow and processes to consider when a power outage occurs at Ayamdigut campus.

Immediate Actions:

  • Remain calm. Emergency lighting will come on.
  • If you think the power is out just in your area – notify Safety and Security (334-6042, speed dial 222 from your Office/Classroom phone or via the YC Mobile app).
  • Turn off computers and other voltage-sensitive equipment including equipment that is normally switched off when not in use (e.g.: fans, heaters). Time permitting, save documents prior to shutting down computer.
  • If the room/area you are in is dark move cautiously to an emergency exit or illuminated area.
  • Open the door to your office/classroom to hear any face-to-face communications.

Will classes be cancelled?

College staff will be working to gather more information and determine the severity of the power outage. Until there is information to share, please continue classes and activities where possible or gather in places where there is adequate natural light such as the A-wing hallway, the Kaff, the Pit.

The first assumption is that the power will be back on within a two-hour time period. A decision on whether the College will cancel campus activities will be made with consideration for the following factors:

  • Time of day/year – natural daylight levels
  • Temperature/weather
  • Booked events
  • Occurrence of student examinations
  • Geographic scope of outage

If classes are cancelled:

No services will remain available to students and the public, with the exception of Campus Housing and Safety and Security. All students will be require to evacuate the building

Communication to students and staff will be carried out via the following methods:

  • Face-to-face via staff moving through the building
  • Signage on all main entrances
  • Text to cellphones (for those using the YC Mobile app)
  • Local radio stations
  • Social media - via Facebook and Twitter
  • Website Emergency Notification - on the YC main webpage
  • Whitehorse Transit - bus drivers will be asked to advise those travelling to Ayamdigut campus that classes and activities have been cancelled.

When classes and activities resume:

The same communication methods will be used to inform staff and students that classes and activities have resumed.