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Tuition & fees

Yukon College is pleased to offer some of the most competitive tuition & fees rates in the country.

Yukon College has recently changed the process in how tuition and fees are collected. Students are now able to register for courses and pay at a later date. Please see below for payment information. Please note that some programs have earlier payment deadlines and new students must refer to their acceptance letter.


(effective for programs/courses within the 2018/19 academic year)

Resident of Canada or Alaska

All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Credit courses for certificate and diploma programs

  • $117/credit

  • $351/three-credit course

Credit courses for 3rd and 4th year courses in degree programs

  • $136/credit

College Access Pathways Courses

  • $74/credit

  • $222/three-credit course

Practical Nurse, Renewable Resources Management

  •  $111/credit

Geological Technology

  • $116/credit

Workplace Readiness

  • $513/term full-time

  • $366/term part-time

Graduate Level (ie. Climate Change Policy)

  • $500/credit

Full-Time Vocational, Culinary Arts

  • $1,742/term

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs (Carpentry, Electrical, Welding)

  • $2,525/program


  • With the exception of program-specific ancillary fees (e.g., activity and lab fees), application and tuition fees for credit courses are waived for those aged 65 and over.
  • For cost-recovery courses (generally under Continuing Education and Training), tuition payment is required.

International students


  • Tuition fees listed above are for standard Yukon College courses and programs.
  • Tuition fees do not include textbooks. Required texts are an additional cost.
  • Tuition fees are currently under review and may change without notice.

Mandatory Fees (non-refundable)

Application Fee

  • $30

International Student Application Fee

  • $100

Student Union Fee

  • $50/term (full-time)

  • $10/term (part-time)

Technology Fee

  • $100/term (full-time)

  • $25/term (part-time)

Student Activity Fee

  • $30/term (full-time, Ayamdigut campus)
  • $15/term (full-time, community campus/distance)
  • $15/term (part-time, Ayamdigut campus)
  • $8/term (part-time, community campus/distance)

Ancillary Fees

Audit Fees

  • Students auditing courses pay regular course fees.

Invigilation Fee

  • $70 for first three hours and $20 for each hour thereafter.
  • This service is provided for students taking correspondence courses through other educational institutions.
  • Students are encouraged to make payments through our online payment portal TOUCHNET (accessed through your student account).
  • Fees for all credit programs and credit courses must be paid by September 30th for the Fall term and January 30th for the winter term. Limited enrolment programs such as Health Care Assistant, Culinary and Trades have earlier payment deadlines. Please refer to your acceptance letter for those dates.
  • Students who are funded must submit a completed Third Party Billing Authorization to the Admissions Office.
  • International students pay International student fees.
  • Students who fail to pay by the payment deadline will be blocked from future registrations with the College and have restricted access to library loans and official documents such as transcripts and parchments.

How to pay 


Students may officially withdraw from a course or program without academic penalty until one half of the course contact hours have been completed. Specific withdrawal dates vary and students should become familiar with the withdrawal dates of their program.

A student must submit either an official withdrawal form obtained from the Registrar’s Office, or a dated letter clearly outlining the course name, number and section, and signed by the student.

Failure to comply with the proper withdrawal procedures may result in a grade being assigned based on the work completed to the date of withdrawal or a failing grade (F) and ineligibility for any refund of tuition fees. Withdrawals will not be accepted without the student’s signature.

Late withdrawals

Late withdrawals will be considered by the Registrar in the event that extenuating circumstances prevent the student from notifying the College prior to the last day to withdraw. A grade of “W” will be assigned when a student officially withdraws from a course.


A student may be dismissed from a course or program for academic misconduct, academic deficiency or for unsatisfactory attendance. A final grade will be assigned based on the work completed to the date of dismissal. Dismissals are subject to appeal and students must be informed, in writing, of their right to appeal such a decision at the time of dismissal.

Questions? Contact for help.

Refund Policies & Procedures

Refund of Tuition Fees

  • Students who withdraw from a course or program may be eligible for a full or partial refund of tuition fees in accordance with the refund policy below.
  • Students dismissed from the College may forfeit the fee. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.
  • High demand program $250 deposit is non-refundable.


Refund Policy: Credit Courses and Full-time Programs

Withdrawal prior to course start date

Full refund

Withdrawal by the end of the first full week of classes

Full refund

Within the second week of classes

Refund 80% of tuition fees

Within the third  week of classes

Refund 50% of tuition fees

After the third week of classes

No refund


Please note the following:

  • Refunds are not immediate. Refund cheques are mailed within 10 days of official withdrawal.
  • Refunds are issued directly to the student, unless a student is funded. In that case, the funder will be refunded.
  • Any debts owed to the College will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made for compassionate reasons.
  • If the College cancels a course or program, fees will be refunded in full.
  • Students MUST follow the proper withdrawal procedure in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • The date of official withdrawal is the date used for the refund calculation, not the date on which the student discontinues classes.
  • The application fees is non-refundable.
Financial Supports

Student financial supports can help you offset educational and living costs, so you can focus on your studies.

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Yukon College Student Financial Awards

Students are at the heart of Yukon College and are an integral part of Yukon’s future. Our Financial Awards program can help you reach your educational goals. Yukon College and our generous donors understand the value of an education, so we supply a variety of awards to help you support your educational and living costs.

Learn more

Yukon First Nations Education Programs

Financial assistance may be available to Yukon First Nation beneficiaries or citizens who are accepted into post-secondary programs.

For information on eligibility and procedures to apply for financial assistance, please contact your First Nation’s Education Office.

Yukon Grant & Student Training Allowance

The Yukon Government has two types of funds available for post-secondary students, the Student Training Allowance and the Yukon Grant. Find out more about these awards on the Yukon Government Student Financial Assistance webpage.

Yukon Excellence Awards

Celebrating academic achievement in grades 10 – 12, the Yukon Excellence Awards can support you in your post-secondary pursuits. Find out more about these awards on the Yukon Government Student Financial Assistance webpage.

Yukon Scholarships

Organizations across the territory provide a variety of scholarships and awards for post-secondary students. You can find a list of these awards on the Yukon Government Student Financial Assistance webpage.

Questions and applications should be directed to the organization administering the award.

Canada Student Loans & Grants

If you’re a full- or part-time student you may be eligible for Canada Student Loans and Grants. You can learn more about eligibility and application processes on the Yukon Government website.

Skills Development & Training Programs

If you are on Employment Insurance (EI) or have been on EI recently, there are government programs that may help you. They provide financial assistance while you take skills training to re-enter the labour market. Find out more on the Yukon Government Training and Work webpage.

Campus Housing

Application Fee

$25 non-refundable

Security Deposit

  • Main Singles and Mature Campus Housing: $500
  • Apartments: one month’s rent + $200

Campus Housing Apartments

  • Attached 2 bedroom - $1,050
  • Detached 2 bedroom – $1,150
  • Detached 3 bedroom - $1,400

Campus Housing Main Singles and Mature Campus Housing

  • $1700 - $2600 per term (16 week academic term runs either Sept – Dec or Jan – Apr)
  • OR $535 - $585 monthly

If paying the term fee there will be a charged if staying in Campus Housing over the Christmas Holiday closure.

No Holiday Closure fee if paying monthly.

For more information regarding fees, payment options or for other information about Campus Housing please see the Campus Housing page or email

Books & Supplies

Textbooks are available from the Yukon College Bookstore throughout the academic year. While most training tools are provided, students in some programs may be required to purchase special tools or clothing.

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