Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, the Yukon College Foundation is a charitable organization so your donation entitles you to a tax benefit. You can calculate the benefits of making a donation by using the charitable donation tax credit calculator provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Also, new federal legislation means first time donors are also eligible to receive the First Time Donor's Super Credit. This can result in an extra 25 per cent tax credit for cash donations up to a maximum of $1,000. More information on this new Super Credit is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website here

Can I direct my gift towards a particular department or program? Can I be sure my donation will go there?

Yes, you can make a general gift to the area of greatest need or you can designate your donation to your specific area of interest.

All charitable organizations have a legal obligation to ensure that every gift is used for the purpose specified by the donor. If for any reason a gift cannot be used for its original purpose, we will make every effort to ensure that the donor is notified and alternative arrangements are discussed.

What do you mean by area of greatest need? Why should I give to that?

Donations to the area of greatest need are undesignated and therefore can be applied where they will have the greatest impact on Yukon College. Undesignated funds, often donated through the YC Fund, allow us to apply the funds when and where they will have the greatest impact, responding to challenges and new opportunities as they arise.

Why become a monthly donor?

For the Foundation, monthly donations create a steady stream of income in support of priorities. For you, the donor, monthly donations are convenient and can add up to a significant contribution over the year. Interested? Start your monthly giving today!

What is a tribute gift?

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to mark special occasions, or to honour a friend, family member or colleague. Consider making a tribute gift in celebration of a new baby or as an alternative to traditional Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversary or retirement gifts.

What is a memorial gift?

Often given in lieu of flowers, memorial gifts are a special way to commemorate loved ones who are no longer with us. These gifts enhance education in our community while creating a legacy for your loved ones.

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is a promise for the future. It is a charitable donation, like a bequest in your will, which can be arranged during your lifetime, but is not available until sometime in the future. By planning your charitable donation, with the aid of a trusted financial advisor, your gift will benefit Yukon College and create tax advantages for your estate.