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About the Teaching & Learning Lab (TL2)

The Teaching and Learning Lab (TL2) supports the College's Instructors by providing services that focus on supporting teaching and learning at the College.  We design and deliver faculty development activities (courses, workshops, reference and support materials, for example) and provide specific training and instructional support for the use of education technologies.  We align our learning activities and training efforts with best practices in the field of teaching and learning and are guided by input from the College management team and YC Instructors.  

We will be working this year to develop a formal vision and mission statement for the Teaching and Learning Lab that demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality services for YC  Instructors and students by:

  • Supporting faculty development and instructional excellence
  • Nurturing inter-departmental relationships
  • Developing & providing accessible learning opportunities for all Instructors and students
  • Promoting best practices for the use of technology for teaching & learning
  • Valuing innovation, research & informed decision-making

Who we are and where to find us

Sally Bourque
ITLC Trainer
Teaching and Learning Centre
IT & Learning Commons
Phone: 867-668-8817
Melanie Cole
Instructional Designer
Teaching and Learning Lab
IT & Learning Commons
Phone: 867-456-8543


TL2 is located in Room C2220, in the Library/ITLC area at the Ayamidgut Campus.

Generally open 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday.