Violent Incident & Threat

The majority of potential violent situations will be managed using skills acquired through training and safe work practices and/or safe job procedures. Unfortunately, there may be some situations that cannot be controlled where individuals may be faced with threats and violence. These procedures provide guidelines that may assist to safely disengage.

A violent incident is an event or series of events that:

  • Causes an individual to feel that personal safety is compromised.
  • Results in physical harm or to an individual.

According to the National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NVAVA), a threat is defined as an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against something or someone. Threats can be spoken, written or symbolic.

If you are threatened or fear for your personal safety:

  • Contact 911 at any time that you are feeling your personal safety is compromised by an unwelcomed visitor or hostile individual.
  • If safe to do so, immediately report the incident to Safety and Security (334-6042, speed dial 222 from your office/classroom phone or via the YC Mobile app) or your instructor/direct supervisor.
  • Do not confront a violent or potentially violent person.
  • Maintain your professional face (don't show personal emotion).
  • Maintain a bladed stance (staggered stance with feet shoulder width apart) and a safe distance.
  • Explain to the hostile individual/unwelcome visitor that what they are asking for is beyond your authority (If applicable).
  • Tell them you know where your supervisor is and that you can get them to come and speak to the person.
  • Ask for their cooperation.

If the hostile individual/unwelcome visitor refuses to cooperate:

  • Explain that you are required to call RCMP.
  • Give them options on how to leave.

Tell them:

  • It would be ideal if they left now and RCMP can question them privately.
  • It would be embarrassing to have them escorted out by Police or in handcuffs.
  • To leave now and without any further incident as it would be good for everyone.

If the hostile individual/ unwelcome visitor cooperates:

  • Leave the area.
  • Inform your Dean/Director/Manager of the situation.
  • The Dean/Director/Manager will see the client, introduce themselves, explain that RCMP have been contacted, and give the options of how the person can leave.
  • The Dean/Director/Manager may offer to schedule a meeting for another time.
  • If the hostile individual/unwelcome visitor agrees to cooperate with you, the Dean/Director/Manager must escort the person to the door.

If hostile individual/unwelcome visitor continues to refuse or if you are attacked physically:

  • Defend yourself from the attack.
  • If able to, activate the one-button VOIP paging.
  • Leave the area as quickly as possible.
  • Warn others in the area of the problem as you leave the area for a safe place.
  • Shout for someone to call 911 or if necessary, do it yourself when it is safe to do so.
  • If you witness a coworker being threatened or being physically attacked - immediately contact 911 and warn others to leave for a safe area.

If you are threatened or attacked and prevented from leaving the room:

  • This situation is considered a hostage taking.
  • Follow the procedures for being held hostage.