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Indigenous Engagement

Yukon College values and celebrates First Nation students and Indigenous-focused studies, and integrates traditional teaching and wisdom into all aspects of campus life.

From 2016 forward, a core competency program focusing on knowledge of Yukon First Nations will be included in all diploma, degree and certificate programs. Through this program, all students will learn about Yukon First Nations and modern day land claims prior to graduating.

To help meet the needs of northern First Nations governments and communities, Yukon College offers programs, skills training and leadership development that will help students make a difference in their community.

This program and the knowledge it teaches, is a key part of building Yukon College’s community on a welcoming and culturally sensitive foundation.

Programs and courses
Yukon College has been a leader in First Nation Studies in Canada. We were one of the first colleges to sign the Indigenous Education Protocol with Colleges and Institutes Canada, which affirms our responsibility to Indigenous education. Our Indigenous Self-Determination programs have been developed in partnership with Yukon First Nations. We provide students with a meaningful cultural context to build their leadership skills and work towards their professional goals.

We currently offer the following programs, with more programs in development:

Activities at Ayamdigut Campus
Beyond the classroom, hang out with friends in the “Samay Thìa” Harry Allen Lounge. Join other students and faculty for First Nation lunches, traditional beading, Aboriginal drumming and singing and more. If you have ideas for other activities, reach out to Student Engagement Coordinator.

First Nations Support offers comfort and assistance to First Nation, Métis and Inuit students. Whether you need advice on choosing a class, encouragement through a stressful time, or just want to chat, our doors are always open. Drop by or call 867.668.8893.