Laptops for Students

Current Yukon College students can borrow a laptop for a 24-hour period, with a maximum of two renewals. A power supply can be provided if student wants to borrow the device for longer than 4 hours.  

Terms of use 

By using a Yukon College library account, borrowers agree to be responsible for any items borrowed, including replacement charges for lost or damaged items, and overdue fines that may arise from returning or renewing items after the due date. 

  • Students must have a current library account. 
  • Borrowers can only borrow 1 laptop at a time. 
  • 1-day Loan with two renewals ONLY. If a student needs a laptop longer than 3 days, he or she must return the one they borrowed and check out a different one.  
  • Renewals can be done online. Sign In to your Library account.  
  • If a student wants to borrow a laptop for the weekend, they must borrow it on Friday. 
  • Overdue charges for laptops are  $10.00/day. Laptops must be renewed within the 24-hour loan period.  Renewals are not possible if the laptop is overdue.  
  • Students must save any personal documents they would like to keep as shown on the page attached to the laptop front cover. 

Laptops will be checked for damage and for any saved personal files. Personal files will be deleted; files on the desktop, trash bin, download folder, and search history will be cleared. Yukon College Library is not responsible or liable for any files lost or cleared.

Library laptops are not intended for long-term use. Students who need access to a computer on a permanent basis are encouraged to use services such as Computer for Schools - See the Academic Support Centre for more details.