Library Services Staff

Derek Yap
Systems / Cataloguing Librarian
Library, Archives and Records Management
IT & Learning Commons

Derek combines the traditional duties of a cataloguing librarian with troubleshooting library computer issues.  As an outgoing, friendly guy he is happy to help  even though cataloguing requires him to work mostly in the back office. 

As part of his cataloguing duties, he decides where you might find an item in the collection. He would be a good person to contact if you are unsure of a call number area for items you are looking for.  An other side of his job is the maintenance and troubleshooting of the library servers. 

If you are having technical issues with logging into the databases off campus or the catalogue does not seem to be working properly, he would be the person to contact. Derek is also the copyright coordinator and is part of the team that handles requests about ATIPP.

Aline Goncalves
Information Literacy / Reference Librarian
IT & Learning Commons
Library, Archives and Records Management

If you require help with database search, referencing your sources, or finding an important piece of information that is not available from YC Library Collection, Aline (Ali or Ally) is the person you should contact.

As a reference librarian, she can provide information and specific instructions on research techniques, writing and citation styles, and how to make the best use of library resources (books, journals, databases and other online materials) according to student's needs. Ali is also responsible for the Interlibrary Loans service and the Library website, along with looking after the college archives and assisting with records management.

Jerry Kearn
Audio-Visual Technician
Library, Archives and Records Management
IT & Learning Commons

As the A-V Technician, Jerry provides a myriad of equipment range from laptops, computer projectors, voice recorders, and video recorders, not to mention older equipment used with archival materials, such as 16mm film, to the faculty, staff, and students of Yukon College.  He handles the circulation of the equipment to support classes and events at the College. 

With the large and often baffling range of audio-visual tools available for classroom teaching, Jerry is available for one-on-one teaching of faculty, staff, and students on the proper use and handling of equipment. 

In his role as the A-V Technician, he also handles the repair of items and ensures a continued inventory of spare parts to repair items to minimize any disruption to Instructors’ plans.  He can often be found helping an Instructor troubleshoot a technical issue before the start of a class or setting up equipment for an event on campus.

Genevieve O'Neill
Librarian Circulation Technician
Library, Archives and Records Management
IT & Learning Commons

Usually the first person students encounter when they enter the library, Genevieve is the person most responsible for the checking in and out of library materials, arranging for the setting up of library accounts, and supervising the shelving of items by the student library assistants. 

She is also responsible for the maintenance of the collection so if you cannot find an item please let her know. She is also responsible for the processing, maintenance, and circulation of the Reserve collection. 

Genevieve also remotely sets up library accounts for community campuses staff and students.  If you have any questions about your account concerning notices, fines, holds, or loss or damage of an item, Genevieve is the library staff member who will usually handle your query.