Learning Assistance Centre

Learning Assistance Centre

The Learning Assistance Center is here to support all students to achieve their academic goals. 

Learning strategies

The Learning Assistance Center offers a range of services to help students develop the personal learning and study habits they need to meet the academic challenges faced by all students. Our experienced Learning Strategist provides study tips and strategies to support academic success for students in any program. 

Need help with:

  • Creating a time budget and personalized assignment calculator
  • Finding a note-taking template that fits your style
  • Reading textbook more effectively
  • Learning and applying techniques to reduce test anxiety
  • Developing a customized study schedule
  • Learning to study for different types of exams
  • Applying a “post-test analysis” technique to improve performance on future tests

Our Learning Strategist is available to provide individualized or small group coaching to help students enhance their learning and manage the demands of being a student.

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Academic accommodations

Accessibility services and academic accommodations are arranged through the Learning Assistance Centre. Students with a permanent disability due to mobility, vision/hearing impairment or hidden disability such as a ADHD, learning disability, chronic health issues or mental health condition may need academic accommodations to reduce barriers to learning and reach their full academic potential. 

Services include:

  • Collaborating with students to identify individualized accommodations
  • Providing access to textbooks and learning materials in alternate formats
  • Training and access to assistive technology including specialized software
  • Planning and providing alternate exam writing conditions
  • Coaching and learning strategies to enhance learning and reduce impact of disability 

Students seeking accommodations should contact the Learning Assistance Centre as soon as possible to discuss their individual needs. All services provided through the Learning Assistance Centre are confidential. 

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