Learning Assistance Centre

Learning Assistance Centre

The purpose of the Learning Assistance Centre (LAC) is to help students achieve academic success. Our three experienced LAC staff collaborate with faculty, support staff and community agencies to assist students and applicants.

Learning strategies

The LAC helps students develop learning skills and strategies to manage the demands of being a student, become more effective and efficient learners and boost confidence.  We can enhance students’ skills in these areas:

  • Time management and developing personalized study schedules
  • Note taking strategies and templates
  • Memory strategies
  • Reading textbooks more efficiently
  • Preventing and overcoming test anxiety
  • Preparing for and writing tests and exams
  • Reducing procrastination

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How to access learning strategies services

  • Online resources and tools - ask us
  • Book video conference or telephone appointments.

Academic accommodations

The Learning Assistance Centre is the point of contact for all students who require academic accommodations due to a permanent disability including attention deficit, learning disabilities, chronic health issues, mental health issues, hearing and visual impairments and physical disabilities.

Accommodations are also available to students with a temporary impairment due to accident, illness or injury.

The LAC works with students to reduce the barriers to education and minimize the impact of a disability on learning potential.

Services include:

  • Identifying reasonable academic accommodations. These can include specialized exam arrangements, use of computers for exams, and access to alternate format textbooks
  • Training and access to assistive technologies such as voice recognition software
  • Instruction on individualized learning strategies to help overcome the impact of a disability on learning
  • Working with instructors to implement academic accommodations for students
  • Providing information and promoting awareness of disabilities across Yukon College

All requests for academic accommodation made to the LAC are confidential, and are assessed on an individual basis. LAC staff work cooperatively with each student to assess the request and recommend appropriate accommodations where necessary.

Students wishing to request academic accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact the LAC as soon as possible to discuss their needs – even before the semester begins.