First Nations Support Services

First nation support

Services for First Nation, Métis and Inuit students can be found throughout Yukon College.

Students can also connect with Yukon College's First Nations Support staff and First Nations Cultural Coordinator when visiting the Student Services Centre located on the main floor of Ayamdigut Campus.

First Nations Support Services

First Nations Support Services offers comfort and assistance to First Nation, Métis and Inuit students.

Whether you need help with choosing a class; information on First Nations funding, college and community resources; or just want to chat, our doors are always open.

Elders on Campus

The Ayamdigut campus is honoured to have Yukon First Nations Elders on campus. Elders are important central members of Indigenous Communities. To be considered an Elder, one must have earned the trust and respect of the community, have a high degree of knowledge of traditional teachings, ceremony, healing practices and be comfortable and able to share this knowledge. The individuals selected by Yukon College as Elders on Campus represent many Yukon First Nations and bordering First Nations, thus, each are able to contribute different world views to students. Elders at Yukon College are faculty members and regularly give talks on Indigenous topics (“Tuesday Talks”), attend Elders Campfires at the Roddy Blackjack Camp, share music and stories in the Harry Allen Lounge, and provide spiritual and wellness support. Elders are often invited into classrooms to provide teachings on specific curriculum. To meet with an Elder, for more information and to find out when events are happening, please see the First Nations Cultural Coordinator in the Harry Allen Lounge.

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