Emergency Response Plan

The purpose of this Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is to provide processes and procedures that will reduce the risk to safety for Yukon College employees, students and visitors when faced with an emergency situation.

The Plan outlines the role each individual needs to take in order to make the plan work, how to evacuate the building and what everyone needs to do in the different emergencies that they can potentially face at their workplace. 

The threat to personal safety and property is decreased when all employees are familiar with their role in the emergency response evacuation plan and have the opportunity to practice during scheduled non-emergency drills.

In all emergency situations, protecting the life and personal safety of staff, faculty, students and visitors takes precedence over protecting property.


In the event of an emergency it is crucial that communication is delivered effectively. Along with direct face to face communication, other communication modes at YC include VOIP telephones (for calls and paging), TXT to cell phones, Intercom paging and Fire Warden two-way radios. The mode used will depend on the actual emergency.

Please download the YC Mobile App to receive texts directly from Safety & Security in the event of an emergency on campus.

Emergency Response Plan Overview


  • GREEN: These incidents are more common to Ayamdigut campus and DO NOT require evacuation or lockdown and likely will not affect the entire campus.
  • YELLOW: These incidents require individuals to STAY PUT and follow procedures in this Emergency Response Plan. No immediate evacuation.
  • RED: These are major incidents and would likely require EVACUATION.

Roles  & responsibilities

Students & Staff

All Students and Staff Must:

  • Keep a copy of the Emergency Response Plan where it can be reached easily during a communication such as a telephone call (either printed or via the YC Mobile app).
  • Be familiar with Exit Routes and Muster Points at their classroom/work location
  • Where possible, know the Fire Warden and Alternate Fire Warden of their zone.
  • Be familiar with locations of “Safe Rooms”.
  • Be familiar with and competent in the use of the communication systems available.
  • Inform their visitors of the nearest evacuation route in the event of an emergency.
  • Report immediately to their Instructor/Dean/Director/Manager any hazards that may result in an emergency or impede in an evacuation or emergency response (e.g. blocked exits).
  • Follow the specific evacuation instructions given at the time.
  • Inform their fellow students/co-workers in advance if they need help in the event of an evacuation or emergency.
  • Notify the Fire Warden of any student/staff member who is not accounted for during an evacuation.
  • Ensure students are aware of the Emergency Response Plan on the YC website and YC Mobile App.
  • Conduct the ERP Classroom Questionnaire at least once per term with each of their classes and report results to their direct supervisor.
  • Ensure that a Fire Warden and Alternates are assigned to each zone at all times and that they are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Review the Emergency Response Plan with all new employees during their Employee Safety Orientation.
  • Conduct the ERP Departmental Questionnaire at least once per term with their staff and report results to the Director of Student and Infrastructure Support.
  • Conduct an ERP Tabletop Exercise at least once per term with their staff and report results to the Director of Student and Infrastructure Support.
  • Take appropriate corrective actions to any hazards reported by staff.
Fire Wardens & Alternates
  • Familiarize themselves with their zone and staff, the building, exit routes, operation of two-way radios and all other communication modes used at the work site.
  • Participate in planned evacuation procedures and drills.
  • Evacuate people from their zone by checking all offices, classrooms, washrooms, storage rooms and file rooms.
  • Ensure that all doors in their area are closed but not locked during an evacuation.
  • Ensure the safe evacuation of persons requiring assistance.
  • Radio-communicate the status of area evacuation to the Chief Fire Warden.
  • Assemble evacuated staff by the assigned Muster Point and remind staff to remain there until otherwise instructed.
  • Debrief after an evacuation drill or emergency evacuation with the Chief Fire Warden.
First Aid Attendants
    • When called, retrieve the First Aid Kit and go to the scene as quickly as possible.
    • Assess and control any hazards.
    • Administer First Aid and call for emergency medical services, as required.
    • Report relevant information to the Ambulance Attendant, as required.