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Yukon College ranks third in Canada for college research intensity

November 09, 2016

Yukon College (YC) ranked third for research intensity among all Canadian colleges according to the newly released Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges by Research Infosource Inc.

This study reports that while research activity levels have increased across Canadian colleges, research income has not. Despite the fact that college research income has slowed throughout the country, Yukon College’s research income has increased by 12% at $4.7M, alongside large colleges whose student population overshadows YC’s small northern population.

“Our small northern College is continuing to grow its research portfolio while focusing on student involvement and the continued development of research partnerships with First Nations, industry, government and entrepreneurs”, said Clint Sawicki, Interim VP Research. “We anticipate that the 2016 research results will be even more impressive for Yukon College as we have just received funding for a number of research programs in the areas of northern energy innovation, and community climate change adaptation.”

Over the last four years, Yukon College has placed in the top three positions out of the 50 research College’s in Canada. Expanding northern research and innovation is one of Yukon College’s strategic directions and an important element in its transition to becoming a university. It is through research and innovation that Yukon can improve the lives of northerners by solving northern problems with northern expertise. Yukon College is working throughout the territory with First Nations and local governments, industry, and communities, to address northern challenges.

Additional information on Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges can be found on the Research Infosource Inc. website.