Northern Review

Exploring Human Experience in the North

The Northern Review is a multidisciplinary journal exploring human experience in the Circumpolar North. Published by the School of Liberal Arts, it is the only peer-reviewed journal in Canada devoted exclusively to northern issues and published north of 60. Since 1988, we have published articles covering a broad range of human issues and topics in the social sciences & humanities. The journal usually publishes two issues a year.

The editors invite research articles and book reviews relating to human experience in, and thought about, the Circumpolar North.

Contact Deanna McLeod, Managing Editor for a copy of the submission guidelines or to subscribe.

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Current Issues

Number 41 | 2015
Special issue
Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic
Guest edited by Chris Southcott

Number 40 | 2015
General issue
Cover artist: Nicole Bauberger, Detail from "Whitehorse to Inuvik, #17"

Back Issues

Number 39 | 2015
Special issue:
Consultation and Resource Development in Northern Communities: Russia, Scandinavia, and Canada
Guest edited by Greg Poelzer
Cover artist: Owen Munroe, "The Face of Force"

Number 38 | 2014
Includes special collection:
Political and Economic Change in Canada’s Provincial North
Guest edited by Ken Coates and Greg Poelzer
Cover artist: Daphne Mennell, "Wild Crocuses, First Kiss of Spring"

Number 37 | Fall 2013
Includes special collection: The Arctic Council, the EU and Polar Politics: Canada, France, Germany, Russia & the UK
Guest edited by Frances Abele, Carleton University
Cover artist: Stephanie Ryan, "Ben-My-Chree Gardens"

Number 36 (Fall 2012)
General issue

Number 35 (Spring 2012) 
Special issue: Tourism and Travel in the Circumpolar North 

Number 34 (Fall 2011)  
General issue

Number 33 (Spring 2011)  
Special issue: Canada’s Role in the Circumpolar World

Number 32 (Spring 2010)  
General issue 

Number 31 (Fall 2009)  
Special literary issue: a collection of northern poetry, fiction and essays 

Number 30 (Spring 2009)  
Special collection: The social economy of Northern Canada 

Number 29 (Fall 2008) 
Special issue: The Northern Research Institute. Fifteen years of building Yukon research capacity.

Number 28 (Spring 2008)
Special collection: Rapid landscape change and human response in the Arctic and Subarctic.

Number 27 (Fall 2007)
Festschrift in Honour of Aron Senkpiel.

Number 25/26 (Summer 2005) 
Includes special collection on governance in the provincial norths.

Please check our archives for content from Numbers 1 through 24.