Yukon Research Centre

Yukon College is one of Canada’s top research colleges – with a unique focus on Yukon and northern research and innovation.

The Yukon Research Centre prides itself on investigating distinctly northern questions by applying science and traditional knowledge to offer truly innovative, northern solutions.

Some issues we’ve researched:

  • the impact of our changing climate on highway infrastructure
  • how First Nations traditional knowledge and science can support the closure of mines
  • wildlife populations and key ecosystems across Yukon using long-term tracking
  • improving the well-being of northern communities
  • conserving the northern environment

While our research at the YRC is focused on answering specific questions, some basic principles guide our centre:

Different ways of knowing

A strength of the Yukon Research Centre is incorporating multiple perspectives into how we investigate research questions.  Traditional knowledge of plants, waterways, animals and birds are incorporated in our research to help Yukoners design sustainable remediation technologies and practices.

Knowledge-based economy

The Yukon Research Centre doesn’t just create jobs, it creates careers in the community. These careers are based on knowledge derived from people who live on the land and in the communities, whether that knowledge comes from First Nations practices, or has been passed down from settler communities.

Fostering partnerships

Our researchers value sharing knowledge, research, ideas and practices with all those who could benefit from the work we do. We partner with First Nations, mining and energy companies, municipal and territorial governments, as well as private industry to support knowledge exchange across the circumpolar world.

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Exceptional student experiences and support

Yukon College is committed to enhancing student research capacity and learning opportunities within the College and throughout the Yukon. College and university students, and post graduate scholars, work with our team of experienced researchers dedicated to answering northern research questions.

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