Northern Climate ExChange

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Established in 2000, the Northern Climate ExChange partners with communities, industry, First Nations, academics and government leaders to explore and respond to climate change impacts on northern communities and their infrastructure.

What We Value

Advancing and applying knowledge

We develop research questions in collaboration with communities and governments, implement research projects, and share our results with organizations across the circumpolar North. Our research has been used across Canada’s North to guide adaptation to climate change impacts.


We partner with many different organizations across Canada’s North. We have supported Government of Yukon’s action to mitigate hazards along the territorial highways, the Yukon Energy Corporation in their efforts to ensure hydro-security, and several First Nations in their work to encourage use of traditional knowledge and respond to a changing climate.

Promoting climate-aware decision-making

Our researchers work with government employees to bring conversations about climate change into everyday decision-making. This is done through courses, and working with government to integrate climate change plans into development assessment.


Climate Change Update

Sharing the latest news from around the world about climate change in the North. 


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