Northern Energy Innovation

Dr. Michael Ross, the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation, works with the Northern Energy Consortium who represent the energy industry across the northern territories.

Industry collaboration

Northern Energy Consortium is comprised of Yukon Energy Corporation, ATCO Electric, Northwest Territories Power Corporation, and Qulliq Energy Corporation, who agree that the most effective way to find solutions for their common issues is to join together to combine knowledge and resources.

With this collaboration, research results and knowledge transferring will occur between the northern colleges and members of the NEC, establishing relationships between contacts in the scientific community and industry partners to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Focused energy-related research

The applied research will be completed by the Chair and his team who focus their research projects on finding solutions to industry related challenges.

Exceptional student experiences and support

Northern Energy Innovation designs research projects keeping the student experience in mind. There are student opportunities on each project; combining the learning experience with the opportunity to gain skills for the workplace. Northern Energy Innovation will also be integrated in the teaching environment of Yukon College to help advance the skills development of students that will be the future work force in the energy industry.