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Canadian Mountain Network

YRC is a member of of the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) which is a voluntary alliance of  partners from universities, governments, First Nations, and businesses dedicated to the sustainability of mountain environments and communities across the country and around the world. Learn more about CMN and how it is collaboratively addressing the challenges faced by mountain regions across the country.


This initiative is hosted by the Yukon College Research Fund (YCRF) Committee and supported by the VP, Academic and Student Services. The Friday LunChours have become an encouraging place for faculty, staff and students to talk about research and the practicalities of undertaking research at Yukon College.

For the Chat hosts, “research” is a wide-ranging term that includes scholarship, that is academic inquiry and formation in all the disciplines and at every academic level. If you have questions about the people, things, or conditions around you, you might have a research project that you and/or your students could undertake.

The College Research Chats got started in September 2014, about the time the college set aside $100,000 to help defray research expenses to encourage us to try research on for size. This fall, the YCRF Committee has also become the Yukon College Northern Scientific Program Committee (modest amounts of additional funding for student research in the North) and the point of contact for the Canadian Northern Studies Trust awards offered by the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS).

Interested parties can sign up to receive mail from ResearchChats, subscribe to the ResearChat Yammer group for news or follow on twitter @researchatyc. Watch for the Thursday special email Chat reminder and come to chat about research for all the latest news.

ResearChats happen on Fridays (except for Town Hall Fridays) in Ayamdigut room A2601 at noon from September through April.

Communities please join us by Fuze.

For more information, contact (the current YCRF committee):

Amanda Graham
Coordinator/Instructor, University of the Arctic
School of Liberal Arts
Applied Arts Division

Ernie Prokopchuk
Instructor, Science Chemistry
School of Science
Applied Science and Management Division

Catherine Bradbury
School of Health, Education & Human Services
Applied Arts Division

Yukon Biodiversity Working Group - Annual Forum

Established in 1998 - The Biodiversity Working Group is a non-government open-membership group of those involved in ongoing biodiversity assessment and monitoring projects throughout the Yukon. It is hosted through the Yukon Research Centre at Yukon College and meets informally during winter months. The vision is in four basic parts:

  • To foster partnerships and networking, -- including coordinated contribution to national and local initiatives relative to the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy; 
  • To deliver public education on biodiversity issues;
  • To provide  coordination among field researchers promoting long term data bases on key focal species;
  • To integrate local traditional knowledge into on-going field data gathering processes.

The forum is designed as a single-day annual event. The purpose is to give an opportunity for a broad cross section of exposure to current field projects that relate to biodiversity assessment and monitoring in the Yukon. Posters, coffee, and lunch breaks are normally provided in the hallway immediately outside the Lecture Theatre at Yukon College. A day for community members and researchers to share information and foster partnerships, learn about Yukon plants, animals and special habitats as well as to identify knowledge gaps and species or habitats that need monitoring.

The sessions are open to all with an interest in Yukon biodiversity, its assessment, monitoring and conservation. There has been no registration fee to date.

Project Organizers:

  • Dave Mossop, Professor Emeritus, Biodiversity Monitoring, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College
  • Dr. Scott Gilbert, Instructor, Yukon College


  • School of Science, Yukon College
  • Government of Yukon (Fish and Wildlife, Parks, Heritage)
  • Council of Yukon First Nations, Canadian Wildlife Service
  • Ducks Unlimited (Canada)
  • Yukon Bird Club
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • Arctic Institute of North America


  • Yukon Science Institute, Yukon College

By donation: 

  • Ducks Unlimited (Can)
  • Yukon Government (Environment)
  • Yukon Bird Club