First Nations Community Services Administration

Employee at computer

Needed: skilled and knowledgeable employees. 

From computer skills to accounting to program management and development, this program is made up of short, practical courses for today’s First Nations government workers.

Program Description

In order to provide the best possible services to their community members, Yukon First Nation governments need skilled and knowledgeable employees. Yukon College’s First Nations Initiatives is proud to deliver the First Nations Community Services Administration (FNCSA) program to help community service employees become confident and competent in their work.

FNCSA is made up of short, practical courses; the knowledge and skills you gain today can be used at work tomorrow. The courses are specifically designed to help First Nation government employees and their departments provide consistently excellent services to community members.

It will be of interest to you if you are working in any First Nation government department that offers community programs or services, including:

  • education
  • employment & training
  • workforce development
  • economic development
  • health
  • social & community services
  • justice


The FNCSA certificate is made up of the follow twelve courses, you can register for individual courses or for the entire program:

  •     FNCS 001: Time Management
  •     FNCS 002: Conducting Research
  •     FNCS 003: Analyzing Client Training Needs
  •     FNCS 004: Knowledge of Contracts and Agreements
  •     FNCS 005: Developing Employment/Training Opportunities
  •     FNCS 006: Problem Solving & Conflict Management
  •     FNCS 007: Career Counseling for Individuals
  •     FNCS 008: Evaluation of Projects
  •     FNCS 009: Developing and Monitoring Budgets
  •     FNCS 010: Maintaining and Using Databases
  •     FNCS 011: Partnerships and Proposals
  •     FNCS 012: Working with Clients

Each course is twenty (20) hours in duration. To be eligible for the First Nation Community Services Administration certificate, you must successfully complete all twelve courses.

Please note that FNCSA courses are unaccredited.

Course Delivery

The program’s course delivery is designed to accommodate the needs and schedules of working adults and allow integration with work and family life.

Course delivery is 100% online, with technical and course help provided throughout. General tutoring and support is available in-person through your local Community Campus and course-specific tutoring can be accessed via email or telephone.

First Nation governments can also arrange to have courses tailored to their specific needs and delivered on-site to groups of employees.

Please note that the courses that make up this program are not designed for university transfer. If you are looking for courses related to Yukon First Nation governance that could act as credits towards a university degree, please look at Yukon College’s First Nation Governance and Public Administration program or Heritage and Culture Certificate program.

Admission Requirements
  • Employed by a Yukon First Nations government in a capacity that offers community programs or services.
  • Please contact First Nations Initiatives for more information and to register: or 867.668.8740.
Other Requirements

First Nation Community Services Administration is an open enrollment program which means that, if you are over the age of 18 and employed by a Yukon First Nations government in a capacity that offers community programs or services, you can register. There are no academic prerequisites to enroll, and you do not need to go through an admission process.

You can register for one or more courses or for the entire program.

You may register for and attend courses in any order.

Money Matters


  • FNCSA course costs are $395 + GST per course.
  • There are no ancillary fees for this program.
  • Headphones or speakers, as well as computer and internet access, are required.