WO 049 - Cross Connection/Backflow Assembly Tester Certification

This 5 day course covers aspects of cross connection controls and backflow preventer assembly testing as published in the AWWA Canadian Cross Connection Control 2007 Manual published by the Western Canada Section American Water Works Association (WCS AWWA) and is followed by the BCWWA Backflow Assembly Testers Certification.

Agenda items include:
- Introduction to Cross Connection Control
- Causes of backflow
- Health aspects
- Backflow incidents review
- Legal aspects
- Hazard classifications and types of hazards
- Methods of backflow control (types of backflow preventers)
- General installation requirements
- Cross connection control program basics
- Troubleshooting and repair of backflow preventers
- Theoretical and practical testing procedures for:
- Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer
- Double Check Valve Assembly
- Pressure Vacuum Breaker
- Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Final Exam upon successful completion provides BCWWA Backflow Assembly Tester Certificate:
- 100 multiple choice questions (requires 75 % to pass)
- Practical demonstration of ability to test valves as listed above

**NOTE: Registration for the exam is separate, please go to www.bcwwa.org to register for the exam**

This course is especially recommended for water & wastewater operators and is relevant to health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water and wastewater systems.

Accepted for 3.0 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WD, WT, SWS, WWC, WWT, SWWS.

Provider: Maintenance Training Systems Inc. (MTS)

This course is typically offered every 2 years at Ayamdigut.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots

Credits: 0.0
no scheduled sessions