SW 389 - Cultural Competence for Northern Social Work Practice


Cultural theories, concepts and related structural issues are considered from personal and professional perspectives. Knowledge, skills and values of the culturally competent northern social worker are explored. Wellness, family, community and helping within an Aboriginal historical and contemporary context are examined.


Students will be encouraged to examine the impact that their cultural background has had on their perception of the world. Self-awareness is critical to understanding other cultures and engaging in culturally competent social work practice. The course will explore the various forms of oppression and the nature of structural oppression. Students will reflect on their own family history, power differentials and roles as oppressor and oppressed. The themes of caring, community, wellness and culture will underpin the course.

The history of Yukon First Nations, as well as their plans for the future through self-government agreements will be covered. This course also prepares students for Cultural Camp (SW 352) in a rural community. Cultural Camp is an opportunity to integrate learning done in SW 389 and other social work courses.

Completion of 30 credit hours. Admittance in to the BSW program.
SW 389 is a pre-requisite for SW 352: Cultural Camp.

Credits: 3.0
no scheduled sessions