PLSC 221 - Introduction to Plant Science

This course provides an introduction to plant biology, with an emphasis on the taxonomy of common Boreal and Arctic plant families found in the Yukon. Students will learn the tools and techniques used for the identification of plants, including the use of plant keys. Students will become familiar with the anatomy and general biological functions of vascular plants. Lectures will also cover topics relevant to the evolution, systematics, ecology, biogeography, and human use of northern plant species. Hands-on lab activities will provide students with opportunities to dissect plant specimens and learn to recognize important family and species characteristics. Additional lab activities will focus on preparation and mounting of herbarium specimens, botanical illustrations, and medicinal and food uses of wild plants.
Prerequisites: YC BIOL 101/102 or equivalent, and registration in the BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences program.

Credits: 3.0
no scheduled sessions