JUST 036 - Vicarious Trauma Training

The Vicarious Trauma Training consists of two segments:

Trauma Impact:
In this segment, participants learn about new research findings in relation to the impact of trauma on the brain and resulting behaviours. Practical strategies are discussed to assist in dealing with these issues.

Vicarious Trauma:
Working with trauma takes a toll on employees. It is a job hazard that may be minimized with awareness, early intervention and easy to learn tools. This component explores the aspects of trauma which impact frontline workers (social, individual, and workplace aspects, and the impacts on traumatized individuals).

These segments have been developed to address two of the main challenges in being exposed to trauma. The theoretical material is interpreted and related to common situations that you may encounter in the course of your frontline work in the Yukon. While participants in this program are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours throughout this workshop, this is done in a non-threatening, voluntary manner.

The Trauma Impact and Vicarious Trauma segments were developed and are delivered by Jackie MacLaren, consultant and trainer with mental health expertise. Located in Whitehorse, Jackie works across the North.

Credits: 0.0
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