JUST 015 - Loss, Grief & Healing in the Workplace: Practical Tools for Managers

This 1-day workshop, presented by Hospice Yukon, will explore the unique
challenges faced by Managers and Supervisors in supporting staff when loss occurs in the workplace. These losses may be related to clients or patients, the sudden death of a colleague, or the terminal illness of staff or family member.

As a manager, balancing the work requirements with the very human needs of grieving people may be one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter. The
complex issue of loss in the workplace will be explored, while developing effective and concrete tools to help you provide leadership in a time of great sadness and stress.

This workshop will require you to participate in a variety of interactive sessions,
developing skills, techniques and strategies that will be applicable and relevant in your own workplace. You will enhance your knowledge of the nature of grief and its specific challenges within a work environment, learn from your colleagues in other managerial roles and explore the importance of self-care for your staff and for yourself.

Credits: 0.0
no scheduled sessions