GEOL 206 - Sedimentary Stratigraphy

This course focuses on sedimentary depositional environments, stratigraphy and facies analysis, as well as the controls of sedimentary environments on the development of hydrocarbon and coal resources. Topics include sequence stratigraphy and correlation, facies analysis, international and North American stratigraphic codes, tectonic development of sedimentary basins, and hydrocarbon generation. A central focus of the course will be on the subsurface characterization of basins within Yukon and Western Canada. The sedimentology of Yukon placer and coal deposits will also be discussed. In laboratory sections, students will identify characteristics of common sedimentary facies, map and correlate sedimentary units, create stratigraphic sections and use stratigraphic understanding to assess hydrocarbon, coal, and placer gold resources. This course will also provide an introduction to the acquisition, analysis, and presentation of open-hole log and test data.
PREREQUISITES: Mathematics 12 (OR Yukon College equivalent, MATH 060) and GEOL 105 OR permission from the course instructor.

Credits: 3.0
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10030 Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
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