FNGA 109 - Intergovernmental Relations

This course is designed to introduce students to the concept and practice of intergovernmental relations as it pertains to federal, provincial/territorial and First Nation governments. The course will examine the evolution and current state of federal, provincial/territorial and First Nation government relations in Canada, and how intergovernmental work is advanced. This course is intended to inform students on the constraints and opportunities presented within intergovernmental relationships, with a focus on practical approaches to working within these constraints and opportunities. Various issue areas and mechanisms will be reviewed in building an understanding of the context and content of intergovernmental relations, including a discussion of intergovernmental relations between First Nation governments.

This is a special course - not open to the regular registration process. For further information about registering, call the FNI office at 668-8879 or 456-8647.

Credits: 3.0
no scheduled sessions