CHEM 110 - The Structure of Matter

This course covers both the common practical aspects of chemistry as well as the theoretical principles that describe this science. Topics of study include the structure of the atom, electron configuration, the nature of chemical bonding and a look at liquids, solids and gases at a molecular level. Other topics of study include reaction stoichiometry and an introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry. Lab sessions illustrate and reinforce most of the topics presented in the lectures.
Successful completion of this course and its companion CHEM 111 will satisfy the requirement for 6 credits of first year chemistry in the science programs at most Canadian and US universities.

Students must also register in the mandatory lab component of the course, CHEM 110L.

Prerequisite: Chemistry 11 or 050. (CHEM 12 or 060 is recommended). MATH 060 or 120 is a co-requisite.

no scheduled sessions