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March 2 - 3, 2020

This comprehensive two-day course offers First-Aid and CPR skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. Includes the latest First-Aid and CPR guidelines. 

Upcoming programs and courses in Ross River

To register for any of the following courses or for more information, contact the Ross River 867.969.8800 or 

Yukon First Nations 101 | Self-paced between January 1 & April 30 | $90

Interested in developing a broader understanding and appreciation for the key moments in Yukon First Nations distant and recent past? Yukon First Nations 101 has been developed to educate students and employees about the culture and history of the First Nations Peoples of the Yukon, the cultural values shared among Yukon First Nations today, and how to communicate respectfully with First Nations individuals and communities. This self-paced course has been vetted by the 14 Yukon First Nations. You will have on-going access to this course so that you may refer to the information from time to time. However, in order to receive a passing grade from Yukon College, please complete this course prior to the end of the next college term (April 30, 2020).

ELCC 110: Health, Safety and Nutrition | January 13-February 28, 2020 | $384 + $157.50 textbook

To work in a Daycare or an Early Learning and Child Care program in Yukon you will be required to apply for a level designation from the Yukon Government Child Care Services Unit. In order to apply for level one, you must complete at least 60 hours of post- secondary courses in early learning. You will need to successfully complete two early learning courses from Yukon College to apply for your Level One designation. We will be offering an on-site delivery of ELCC 110 Health, Safety and Nutrition starting in January. Successful completion of this course would provide you with one of the two courses you need for Level One designations. This course will be offered during evenings and weekends to accommodate working schedules, with a total of 45 minutes of class time.

EMR 001: Advanced First-Aid and Emergency Medical Responder | January 15-31, 2020 | $1300 

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness. Emergency medical responder (EMR) is for those providing emergency response in a pre-hospital setting and in the workplace: firefighters, law-enforcement officers, workplace first attendant and emergency medical services personnel. Meets the Paramedic Association of Canada National Occupational Competency Profile for the practitioner level of EMR. You must have current Standard First-Aid and CPR-C Certification to take this course.

Shine a Light on Dementia | Mondays, January 20-February 24 6-8pm | Free

This training program brings caregivers together to engage in meaningful conversations, share information and develop skills to provide quality care for people with dementia. During this time, participants have an opportunity to explore a variety of topics, such as dementia: onset, development & progression; approaches and strategies for caregivers; what to do after a diagnosis; grief management & self-care for caregivers; legal & financial matters; advanced care directives, substitute decision makers, wills & power of attorney, palliative care; discussion of options and issues around death and dying. 

*Registration deadline is January 13.

PROJ100: An Introduction to Project Management and Event Planning

January-April, 2020 | Wednesdays & Thursdays | 10am-12pm

This course is designed to help students build the interpersonal and technical skills needed to successfully manage small to medium-scale projects and plan events in communities. Students will gain knowledge, skills and practical experience initiating, planning, implementing and closing projects. Special consideration will be given to the project/event context, including cultural protocols and practices. Students will have an opportunity to apply a project management framework and techniques to the design of a relevant education and/or employment support project.

Self-Help Home Builder's Course | Feb 4-March 12 | $95 

If you are thinking about building a home, or undertaking a major renovation and acting as your own general contractor, this 12 evening course reviews all aspects of managing the construction. This includes financing, choosing a site, house design, building envelope, construction management, preparation of a work plan, energy efficiency, sustainability, overview of construction and costing. Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm - cost is per household/couple.

Standard First-Aid | March 2-3, 9:30am-5pm | $195

Comprehensive two-day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. Includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. Meets federal and a variety of provincial/territorial regulations for Standard First Aid and CPR. Exceeds competitors' standards by including injury prevention content, CPR and AED.

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In 1996, Ross River Elders gave the campus its Kaska name Dene Cho Kê’endį, which translates as “big people learning.”

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