YC Whitehorse Correctional Centre


The Whitehorse Correctional Centre (WCC) campus has provided learning opportunities to inmates since the late 1970’s.


Programs are offered to fulfill academic and employment skill development needs.  The campus philosophy is to assist students to move forward in these areas so that upon release they will be better prepared to further their studies or gain employment. The WCC campus helps inmates make positive transitions to productive community based lives.


One full-time College Instructor/Coordinator provides instruction and assists in carrying out a variety of courses, including:

  • Basic Reading
  • Writing and Math Essential Skills
  • College Prep
  • Pre-Trades Math
  • Computer Basics
  • Online Courses
  • Resume Writing
  • Learner’s License prep
  • Financial Literacy

Trades Certificate Courses

In addition, WCC campus offers a host of trades certificate courses such as:

  • Industrial Safety
  • Standard First Aid
  • Food Safe
  • H2S Alive

Other Services

The campus also offers annual Income Tax Workshops, regular student advising, and assistance with forms for birth certificates, health care cards, and other official documents.