Yukon College Faro

Faro Campus

Faro Campus


The Faro Community Campus was established in the late 1980’s when Faro was a bustling mining town of 2000 people.

Its first home was in a double wide trailer; it was then moved to the Solar Complex Mall in 1993 where the campus remained up to 2003. At that time it made its new home within the newly renovated Del Van Gorder School where to this day college programming is delivered. 

Even though the town of Faro has gone through many mine openings and closings, the college campus has remained an important educational life line for the citizens who have made Faro their home.


  • Distance learning courses
  • Community computer/internet access
  • Hosting community dinner and lunch meetings
  • Coffee is always on so just drop in!

Distance & Online Learning

A wide variety of adult upgrading, video-conference, and online courses are available to students at the campus, allowing students to pursue full-time or part-time Yukon College programs.

Ondemand Programs & Courses

  • Skills for Employment
  • College prep
  • Standard First Aid
  • Oil & Gas training
  • Food Safe
  • Art and language classes