Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to Yukon College’s Northern Institute of Social Justice (NISJ).

Our vision statement is: “Northerners working together have solutions to the social justice challenges facing themselves and their communities.” This vision supports finding northern solutions to northern challenges and opportunities, with innovative approaches and a spirit of collaboration.

Collaboration is at the heart of NISJ program development and delivery. Our programs are developed and delivered by instructors from a wide range of disciplines and organizations such as the College, and government, non-government and private sectors.  Often, working groups are formed for training development, drawing on the approach, expertise, and experience of people from a variety of disciplines.

Collaborative learning is also part of the NISJ approach to training. NISJ training is most often delivered to employees in frontline positions from different organizations, who have common client issues and training needs. Through common training, they learn with and from each other and explore relevant, practical and innovative strategies and solutions for working with clients and communities in ways that respect and reflect the Yukon context.

The NISJ provides training in the areas of Administrative Justice, Crisis Intervention, FASD,  Trauma, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Regulatory Enforcement, and Loss, Grief and Healing processes; Yukon First Nations History and Cultures, and Residential School Awareness. Training that addresses other issues is also developed upon request by individual clients in response to their specific needs.

Yukon College provides leadership in northern education by connecting with communities, First Nations, local governments, businesses and non-government organizations. The NISJ is pleased to contribute to that vibrant learning community by providing locally developed training that incorporates northern issues, cultures and context. The Institute is also pleased to offer training developed by national organizations, most often delivered by Yukon instructors.

Thank you for considering learning the NISJ as part of your training program. We look forward to learning and working with you.

Joanne Lewis

picture of Joanne Lewis