Training Courses

NISJ training courses are developed and delivered to frontline workers, supervisors and managers from a wide range of fields and organizations in social justice-related fields; people appointed to quasi-judicial boards and tribunals; and the general public. Some courses have been adapted as short workshops for delivery to students in Yukon College Practical Nurse and Health Care Assistant programs.

Most of our courses are created by Yukon-based program developers and trainers from a range fields and sectors such as private sector businesses, non-government organizations, and public and first nation governments.

The Institute focuses primarily on courses for those in careers or jobs with a social justice-related component, in:

  • Public and First Nation governments;
  • Non-government organizations;
  • Businesses.

Courses focus on such areas as administrative justice, crisis intervention, FASD, loss, grief and healing, mental health, residential school awareness, suicide, trauma, Yukon First Nations history and cultures, and more. Justice career orientation and job specific training has also been developed. Two on-line programs have been developed for specific clients and two on-line course developments are in-progress; a pan-northern course development initiative and a Regulatory Enforcement Compliance Training (RECT) module.

When NISJ training is developed, working groups are often formed with people from different backgrounds, fields and sectors contributing expertise. Collaborative approaches are central to the NISJ approach to course development and delivery. NISJ students are particularly interested in training that addresses the Yukon context and addresses Yukon issues, developments and needs in course content and delivery.
Some courses provided by the NISJ have been developed by national organizations and are delivered by certified local instructors.

Identification of training needs is a continuing activity and new courses are developed on an ongoing basis in response to specific client requests and/or emerging needs or developments in a field or organization.

Public Training

NISJ focuses on developing and delivering “common training” wherever possible across departments, organizations and sectors.

Employees from different work places, fields and jobs often find they have overlapping client issues, service delivery concerns and training needs. In these cases, the NISJ provides the opportunity for participants from different sectors to learn with and from each other by joining the same course. Training together may facilitate working collaboratively in the community when working with individual clients, responding to situations, developing initiatives and providing peer support.

Contract Training

In response to employer requests, the NISJ also provides contract training so that employees from one workplace or organization may train as a group when this more appropriate than training with  others.

If you are interested in contract training, please contact us to discuss your group’s specific needs. The NISJ can provide individual courses or create a customized training package to meet client needs.

Course Offerings

Training delivered by the NISJ can be found on the NISJ Course List page. Please contact the NISJ for more information about these courses, including delivery details, information about other training available through the institute.

Since January 2010 the NISJ has delivered 130 short training courses, to over 2,500 students, focusing on locally relevant and recognized training; the Institute is working towards accreditation for some of its programs.