Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription service that provides students and staff with access to Microsoft Office's (2016) suite of applications and services.

Login by clicking the static "Log In" link at the top of any Yukon College webpage. 

Quick Start Guides:

Tutorials for Word, PPT, Excel and Access 2016 available here: 


"Compatibility Mode" in Office applications.

When the title bar displays "Compatibility Mode", this is because the original document was saved as a different version of Microsoft Office.

Please see Microsoft's Support page on Compatibility mode here.

OneDrive (for Business)

OneDrive for Business is your enterprise hosted and secure drive space for  authoring and sharing  work files. There is a generous 1TB storage limit to OneDrive for Business. Access files anywhere with an internet connection and set-up shared documents for collaborative activities.

Privacy: Onedrive files are private unless you choose to share them with someone(s).

Get Started: View Microsoft's "get started" basics.



OneNote is software that allows for free form note-taking and multi-user sharing and collaboration. Users can enter typed or handwritten notes, drawings, audio recordings, file attachments, screen clippings, embedded pdf, links, videos and more! 

Training resources: 


Outlook is Yukon College's email and calendar service. 

All college email addresses end in 

Visit Microsoft's "Outlook Help Center" for training, tips and other useful resources. 



PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program that's part of the Microsoft office suite of tools. Save your presentation to OneDrive or a document library on MyYC  to access it anywhere, restore an older version and work together on presentations with your colleagues. 

Training resources: 

The "cloud":

The internet is composed of millions of private and public secured clouds. There exists no single, giant cloud that rules them all. The trend by companies like Google, Microsoft, and others is to host their software services in their cloud systems to better secure data and prevent software piracy.