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Universal design for learning (UDL) - Resources

As instructors, we strive to create environments that maximize learning and support success for all our students. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides a framework for designing instruction that is inclusive for diverse students. 

This Big List of UDL ideas from Yukon College faculty was generated at the 2017 Faculty Retreat.  It is an extensive inventory of flexible instructional strategies.

UDL references

This quick reference on Universal Design for Learning Guidelines lays out the three pillars of UDL and their implircations for teaching.

This article entitled Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education: Reflections on Principles and their Application from the Center for Applied Special Technology and Harvard University reflects on potential applications of universal design for learning in university courses. 

UDL Guidelines: Theory and Practice version is an alternate representation of the UDL Guidelines.

For more information, see this useful Q&A for Educations about UDL from the National Center on Universal Design for Learning.