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How can I access the Library databases?

On Campus

1. Go to the library website at
2. There are two options to access databases on campus (located beneath the “Find Books” search box):
a. Click on “Find Articles: All Databases” to see a full list of databases
b. Click on “Find Articles: Databases by Subject” to see a list of recommended databases by discipline)
3. If you chose the “All Databases” option, click on the database name you wish to search and then click on the Ayamdigut link (if you are in Whitehorse) or Community Campus link (if you are in the communities) to open the database.
4. If you chose the “Databases by Subject” option, click on the discipline/main subject you are interested in and then click on the database name you wish to search. Click on the Ayamdigut link (if you are in Whitehorse) or Community Campus link (if you are in the communities) to open the database.

Accessing databases from home
IMPORTANT: Remote access to databases require authentication. Make sure you have a current library account (a current barcode number should be located at the back of your student card) and library password before you proceed.
1. Go to  library website at
2. Click on “Find Articles: Databases from Home”
3. Enter your student number (e.g. 000012345) and library password and then click on “Submit Request”
4. Choose a database from the list available on the Remote Resources Page.


More database help
- EbscoHost Quick Reference Guide
- Electronic Databases: Timesavers and Tips
- Boolean Operators

Contact Library Staff at 867 668.8870 or send an e-mail to

How do I find books at Yukon College Library?

Please refer to the Catalogue Help page on the Library website:

I'm having problems accessing library databases remotely. What do I do?

Check the answers below and see which one applies to you.

1) You are not able to login to the remote resources page

Most common reasons:

a)  Problems with your Library account

Remote access to library databases is only allowed to current Library patrons whose status is "good". In other words, if you don't have a library account, if your account hasn't been updated for the current term, or if you have outstanding fines blocking your account, you will not be able to login to a database remotely. To either of these cases, contact the Library directly at (867) 668-8870 or through the e-mail

b) Your account number is incorrect

Make sure you enter your full student number. E.g. 000012345. All zeroes must be included!

c) Your password is incorrect

Your password for remote database access is not necessarily the same that you use for computer or e-mail access. Your password for Library resources shouldn't be longer than 7 digits. If unsure about what your password is or if you need to reset it, contact the Library at (867) 668-8870 or through the e-mail

2) You are able to login to the remote resources page, but you see an error after clicking on a database name

Most common reasons:

a) This may be a temporary problem with the database provider. Wait for a few minutes and try again. Try also clearing your browser history and cache.

b) Some browsers work better than others for database search. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

c) There might be an authentication issue between the database provider and the Library. If none of the suggestions above works for you, take a screenshot of the error page and send it to, or fill in an IT Help ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I need to find articles for a research paper. How do I do that?

Check some of our databases. Databases can be accessed freely anywhere from the College, but you need an active library account for remote access. For more information, check this page.

For specific database help, please refer to the Database Help page on the Library website:

I need writing help for an assignment. Can I get this in the Library?

The Writing Centre is a grea place for writing help and is available by appointment. The Writing Centre is located in the Library, Room C2211 (to the left after you pass the main Library entrance).

NOTE: Though the Writing Centre is located in the Library, it is not managed by library staff or ITLC. For information on appointments or to cancel an appointment, contact the Writing Centre directly through the website above.

I'm having problems finding enough information for my research. How can I get more?

There are several research strategies you can try. First of all, try to think of your research question: can it be more specific? Or maybe it is too specific and it needs to be broadned? Is it a new field of study or something that other people have already investigated? Some strategies on how to work on the preliminary phases of research can be found on the Workshop on the Information Search Process for Research (WISPR):

Second, what type of information do you need to answer your question? Is it general, like information from a newspaper or encyclopdia, or more specific, like statistics, scientific data or analysis? Depending on your question, you may need a combination of both. The library provides access to a wide range of books and databases that could help you answer your question. If you need help searching for books, please refer to this page. For database help, you can refer to this page.

Third, you may be employing a search strategy that does not work properly for the tool you are using at the moment. Databases return better results when you use Boolean Operators, for example. You may also need to think of different keywords and use a combination of related keywords and synonyms in order to retrieve relevant results. For more information on research strategies, refer to this page.

Fourth, it might be the case that you are using the wrong tool for the question you have in mind. Try selecting a different database based on the general subject or discipline related to your question. Review our subject guides for more information.

I'm writing a paper and I have questions about citations/bibliography. Where can I get help?

The Library website has several handouts for citation and reference related questions. You can access these handouts from here. Or contact the library if you need further help.

(867) 668-8870