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Can I download MS Office and other proprietary software through Yukon College?

Yes. Students and staff of Yukon College have access to several software options at special rates via OnTheHub.

To access:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Sign In" at the top right of the page

3. Click on "Register" button

4. Check "I have an institution-based email address"

5. Enter your institution email address and your account information, and click on "Register"

6. You will receive an email from OnTheHub with the link to click on in order to be verified as an Academic User of your institution

7. Click on the link to be verified (This is very important. Please do not skip this!!!)

8. Once you are verified you are prompted to the website. Then you can start shopping.

9. For assistance phone 1-888-396-1447

How can I access the Library databases?

On Campus

1. Go to the library website at
2. There are two options to access databases on campus (located beneath the “Find Books” search box):
a. Click on “Find Articles: All Databases” to see a full list of databases
b. Click on “Find Articles: Databases by Subject” to see a list of recommended databases by discipline)
3. If you chose the “All Databases” option, click on the database name you wish to search and then click on the Ayamdigut link (if you are in Whitehorse) or Community Campus link (if you are in the communities) to open the database.
4. If you chose the “Databases by Subject” option, click on the discipline/main subject you are interested in and then click on the database name you wish to search. Click on the Ayamdigut link (if you are in Whitehorse) or Community Campus link (if you are in the communities) to open the database.

Accessing databases from home
IMPORTANT: Remote access to databases require authentication. Make sure you have a current library account (a current barcode number should be located at the back of your student card) and library password before you proceed.
1. Go to  library website at
2. Click on “Find Articles: Databases from Home”
3. Enter your student number (e.g. 000012345) and library password and then click on “Submit Request”
4. Choose a database from the list available on the Remote Resources Page.


More database help
- EbscoHost Quick Reference Guide
- Electronic Databases: Timesavers and Tips
- Boolean Operators

Contact Library Staff at 867 668.8870 or send an e-mail to

How do I access the wireless network at the College?

Wireless Access:  USER NAME:  firstname.lastname
                             PASSWORD:  The same password used for your computer lab, College e-mail, and YukonCollegeMe (Moodle) accounts.


If you haven't set a password yet, refer to "How do I activate my Yukon College accounts (computer lab, e-mail, YukonCollegeMe)?" section of this page.

How do I acess and activate my Yukon College accounts (computer lab, e-mail, Online Courses)

Activate your account from ANY Campus using this method:

Step 1:  Log into a Yukon College student computer (Computer Lab Access)
                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   Yc!ddmmyy (your date of birth – 6 digits only)

                             ** Change your password:  Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Step 2:  Access your email via Office 365 located at
                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   The new password you created in step 1

Step 3:  Access your courses through (Moodle)
                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   The new password you created in step 1

         Wireless Access:  USER NAME:  firstname.lastname
                                            PASSWORD:  The same password used in the above steps




Activate your account from ANYWHERE with internet this way:

Step 1:        Go to Office 365:
                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   Yc!ddmmyy (your date of birth – 6 digits only)

                   ** You MUST reset your password to properly activate your accounts! (See picture below)

                   A) Click on the gear shaped icon in the top, righ-hand corner

                   B) Select "Change Password" and follow instructions to change.

Image removed.


Log into a Yukon College student computer (Computer Lab Access)
                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   The new password you created

Access your courses through (Moodle)

                   USER NAME:
                   PASSWORD:   The new password you created

Wireless Access:

                   USER NAME:  firstname.lastname
                   PASSWORD:  The new password you created


If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk

How do I use/access the computer lab?

There are four computer labs available for student use. The labs are in rooms A2301, A2408, A2702 and C2200.
Winter Hours

Lab A2301
Monday to Thursday: 8am - 9pm
Fridays: 8am - 5pm
Statutory holidays: closed

Labs A2408 & A2702
Monday to Friday: 7am - midnight
Weekends:  7am - midnight
Statutory holidays: 7am – midnight

Lab C2200 (Library)
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 9pm
Fridays: 8:30am - 5pm
Weekends: 1pm - 5pm
Statutory holidays: closed

You can access the computers, printer, and scanner at the computer lab by using your student account. If you are a student and your are having problems with your account, contact IT helpdesk: or call 867.456.8610

I am a student, how do I print at Yukon College?

Yukon College students are allocated $40 worth of printing each term. A program called PaperCut is used to maintain student printing.

When you log onto a lab computer for the first time you’ll be prompted to log into PaperCut to establish your account. Enter your computer account username and password.

A small pop-up window will show each time you log in, displaying your current balance. Clicking the Details link on this window will bring up a website that will let you see more detailed information about your PaperCut account in a web interface. The web interface displays Transaction History and Recent Print Jobs, as well as a Transfer feature that enables the user to transfer an amount to another user.

For more instructions about PaperCut use, click here.

Printing Costs
Black and white printing on computer lab printers costs $0.10 per page, with a discount of 50% for duplex printing. For example, a five-page document printed single-sided will use $0.50 of your printing allocation.  A five-page document printed double-sided will use $0.25 of your printing allocation.

Large print jobs (more than 20 pages) that are selected to print single-sided will prompt you to save printing costs by printing double-sided.

Adding Funds
If you run out of PaperCut funds before the term is over, you may purchase a top-up from the Bookstore. After you’ve paid at the Bookstore go to IT Services in the library and show the staff there your receipt so they can add the funds to your PaperCut account.

For more information, please phone IT Services at 456.8610 or contact our helpdesk for support.

I am a student, how long will I have access to my Courses(Moodle), Email and Office 365?

Your Yukon College accounts will become available on the first day of your class, and will expire (and be inaccessible) 30 days after your last class ends. This affects for your Office 365 account (which includes your Yukon College email account), and access to your online courses (Moodle).

It is recommended that you forward important emails to a permanent email account before the Yukon College account expires. If you return to the college within 6 months (next semester) your Office 365 account will be re-activated and all data from the previous term will become available again.

If there are assignments or content in your online course that you would like to keep for your records you must download or ask your instructor for a copy before your access expires 30 days after the last class.

I'm having problems accessing library databases remotely. What do I do?

Check the answers below and see which one applies to you.

1) You are not able to login to the remote resources page

Most common reasons:

a)  Problems with your Library account

Remote access to library databases is only allowed to current Library patrons whose status is "good". In other words, if you don't have a library account, if your account hasn't been updated for the current term, or if you have outstanding fines blocking your account, you will not be able to login to a database remotely. To either of these cases, contact the Library directly at (867) 668-8870 or through the e-mail

b) Your account number is incorrect

Make sure you enter your full student number. E.g. 000012345. All zeroes must be included!

c) Your password is incorrect

Your password for remote database access is not necessarily the same that you use for computer or e-mail access. Your password for Library resources shouldn't be longer than 7 digits. If unsure about what your password is or if you need to reset it, contact the Library at (867) 668-8870 or through the e-mail

2) You are able to login to the remote resources page, but you see an error after clicking on a database name

Most common reasons:

a) This may be a temporary problem with the database provider. Wait for a few minutes and try again. Try also clearing your browser history and cache.

b) Some browsers work better than others for database search. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

c) There might be an authentication issue between the database provider and the Library. If none of the suggestions above works for you, take a screenshot of the error page and send it to, or fill in an IT Help ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I need to find articles for a research paper. How do I do that?

Check some of our databases. Databases can be accessed freely anywhere from the College, but you need an active library account for remote access. For more information, check this page.

For specific database help, please refer to the Database Help page on the Library website:

I'm a student having issues submitting some online quizzes.