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Do you have how to guides on uploading images in Softchalk?
Do you offer Softchalk's how to guide on Create?

Yes, please refer to Softchalk's Create guide.

How do I add my Softchalk lessons to Moodle?

Please refer to our How to add Softchalk lessons to Moodle guide.

How do I build interactive Softchalk content to display in Moodle?

Softchalk is a cloud-based course content authoring tool that is compatible with all major learning management systems (Moodle). You build content in Softchalk's editor and when finished paste the LTI hyperlink to display in your Moodle course. You may paste this link and display your Softchalk lesson(s) in an unlimited number of systems simultaneously. Changes made to your cloud-based Softchalk lessons will reflect in Moodle automatically. Kind of cool.

Please refer to our comprehensive Introduction to Softchalk how-to guide for complete lesson building instructions.

How do I create and edit quizzes in Softchalk?

Please refer to Softchalk's guide on quizzes:

Automatic Scoring

Multiple Choice
Multiple Answer
Short Answer

Manual Scoring


Quiz Groups

How do I create eBooks with Softchalk?
How do I create hyperlinks and iframes in Softchalk?
How do I create Softchalk Activities?
How do I insert audio files in Softchalk?

Please refer to Softchalk's guide on inserting audio files.