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A. Teaching with Fuze - All the essentials!

Virtual classrooms are demanding and require a high degree of focus and ability to multi-task.

1.  If you are new to teaching with Web Conferencing focus on feeling comfortable and proficient with the equipment and software first.

2. Add the Fuze Connection information to your Moodle course Page.(learn how here)

3. Keep in mind some basic "best practices" - review this presentation on Teaching in a WebCon classroom:

4.  Print and review the basic classroom set-up Checklist and Quick Reference Guide for configurations here.

5. Web Conferencing Etiquette ( A printable resource for instructors to give students)

6. Getting Started with WebConferencing- A Quick Reference Guide

7.  Feeling Confident teaching with WebConferencing? Here is a Quick Reference list of suggestions to take it to the next level

Are there minimum bandwidth requirements for Fuze?

Yes, the minimum bandwidth requirements for Fuze may be found here.

Are there minimum hardware and operating system requirements for Fuze?

Yes, the minimum Fuze requirements may be found listed here.

Can I use a tablet with Fuze?

Yes, please watch our instructional video titled Introduction to Using a Tablet with Fuze.

Do you have any Fuze info on layouts and sharing?

Yes, please watch our instructional video titled Layouts and Sharing.

Does Fuze offer good online help resources?

Yes, Fuze's comprehensive online help resources are found here.

How do get access to a basic Fuze information and help document?

Please refer to our Fuze Info and Help Document (PDF).

How do I add content to a Fuze meeting?

Please watch our instructional video titled Adding Content to Fuze.

How do I create a Fuze Meeting?

Please watch our instructional video titled How to Create a Fuze Meeting.

How do I download Fuze?

Please refer to how to download Fuze here.