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Are my OneDrive for Business files private?

Yes, generally so. You may share these files with anyone in your organization by placing files in the Shared with Everyone folder, or share files with specific individuals within your organization. In cases of emergency, the College Office 365 tenant administrator may request assistance from Microsoft in retrieving your OneDrive files.

Can I get access to even more OneDrive for Business training guides?

Yes, Microsoft's Office 365 OneDrive for Business training site is a good resource.

Can I have multiple OneDrive for Businesses?

The answer is "yes'. But in practice you'll really only have one OneDrive for Business per Office 365 tenant. This means that within Yukon College's Office 365 tenant you have just "one drive" for business and the ability to read, edit, and create within your assigned Team Site areas.

What if my documents are opening in "Compatibility Mode"?

When the title bar displays "Compatibility Mode", this is because the original document was saved as a different version of Microsoft Office.

Please see Microsoft's Support page on Compatibility mode here.

Does Microsoft offer a OneDrive training site?

Yes, Microsoft has developed a comprehensive OneDrive training site FAQ with how-to videos. Some subtle differences exist but for the most part this site is useful.

How do I access my OneDrive on a Windows PC?

Please refer to our How to access OneDrive on a PC guide.

How do I access or share files from my OneDrive in Moodle?
How do I copy my Dropbox files over to my OneDrive?
How do I delete files from my OneDrive?

Please refer to our How to delete items on OneDrive guide.

How do I download and install Office 365 and OneDrive?

Please refer to our How to download Office and OneDrive guide.