Hear from our Students

Qing Yang, China

We had a one-week field trip outdoors. Our instructor taught us how to use a compass, GPS and how to get rock samples. Then after that we actually used them to help us study outcrops and make our first topographic map of Grey Mountain. On the last day of our field trip we went to a copper mine and learned how mining is done in the real world! Our instructors worked very hard to make our field trip interesting and meaningful. And they were successful! I had lots of fun and learned a lot during my first week in Yukon College. Thanks a lot!

Gold Ikeji, Nigeria

I'm Gold, I've been in the Yukon and at Yukon College for two years. The college is my second home because I'm there all of the time, due to my heavy course load. The college is a place you would love; it has very nice and friendly instructors, small class sizes, you can get help anytime with some of your unanswered questions, and they help you choose the right courses to prepare you for your future. It's amazing at Yukon College and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

Manami Morita, Japan

Life in Whitehorse is totally different from my previous life. I am having a good time in a special location with kind people. Yukon College is the best place for me to improve my English skill. I am glad if it helps you.

Shinhye Lee, Korea

I have been in Yukon College for three years now and I am in the business administration program.  I think that studying in a different language is very challenging, especially for international students but I don't regret coming here to study. People here are really nice and friendly. Also the class size is smaller than other colleges, so students and instructors can be really close to each other. Yukon College is a PERFECT place for me to improve my English and have new experiences. If you are looking for place to study, just come to Yukon College without hesitating! You'll have fun.